Milk Supply Issues

All mammals suckle their young


No micromanaging needed – just breasts, patience, rest and good ingredients

Please go straight to this page as I have a very senior midwife and lactation consultant there who has shared some of her 40 years experience in getting you started.

I learned things listening to her recorded this – and I fed my children for over 6 years without knowing these basics . .

Maybe less stress?


How to get your flows flowing better?

Maybe dad or someone loving can help with some touch??

It can take a while to sort this out – patience and following baby’s lead is best. .


Rest, rest, rest interspersed with water.

And great protein/fat and heaps of nourishing veggie meals.

234Recipe to make more milk (blood)


Taken from my 2005 manual What Dads Can Do – instantly downloadable here

In addition – all breast issues – need a lot of topical iodine – a palm’s worth on si1 moxathe soft parts of your body every day – and this will clear most imbalances in any direction – pre and during the lactation period. Great for undoing fibro cystic and lumps and painful breasts – along with a lot more water drunk, a huge increase in your Vit D and magnesiumc- try magnesium gel on them – esp if engorged, or growing far too big – this will undo the toxins/Stuck Liver Qi /Inner Heat that is expressing there.

Get a moxa stick/roll – the smokey one.
(The smokeless variety is not useful – and will not give the same results).

If too little – use moxa above the end of the little fingernail – about a minute’s worth of peaks of heat – both hands – or if one breast is under performing – just do that side.


Using moxa to help – Si 1

St 36

See also .. easybreasts and ingredients here

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Up to you . . not luck

Also look to the Opening Baby Gate site


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– Enjoy!!