This should never happen.

Mastitis is a clear indication things are not ‘OK’.
Please keep reading as the ‘why’s are below.
Prevention is far easier . . .
Ingredients – see more here

If you are having trouble – get it attended to immediately – and maybe this is best .. undo why you have it. Especially if it keeps on happening. I find that pulling out the cold always works. But better still – do not put it in, in the first place. Cold should NEVER be near your breasts or vulnerable pink bits. – please listen to the advice of a senior lactation consultant here

Understanding the background will help you here.

Start with some loving touch??

Also Stuck Liver Qi – as you will have it – even if it is secondary to what is currently happening.

Is all this being attended to?

maternal recipe for optimal pregnancy & birth



Points that may help. .
Deep slow pressure
gb41                 GB 41

Press hard at the shoulder point – whilst taking deep slow breaths

Chest: Massage very slowly, very shallow at first always avoiding the actual breast tissue.

Please do this lymphatic drainage lying down, possibly after the Stuck Liver Qi massage

massage-breast         gb21


Pressing down on the point  (GB 21) here may assist,


After the Stuck Liver Qi massage

Co 4     co4

Using castor oil packs on the breasts – never placing anything cold on them – and getting lots of water, Vit C and Vit D into you plus seeing an acupuncturist or Chinese herbalist or some other natural therapist to assist getting you back on track – not just repeating the medications on and on . .

Instantly downloadable dads’ ‘glove box manual’ to mums’ maternal body – even after baby is born. All you see on this page is available instantly if you get the internet version. What is inside? (Just need to source the real – smoky – moxa.

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Read more here  Never use ice  .  . especially not around a pregnant or just birthedWDCD pack use this one mother – please get your free eBook as to why on the page above.

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Up to you . . not luck

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