Naturally the best, easiest and simplest way to nurture baby

Please also go to this site as the ingredients to easy breasts are essential knowing  ..

Women’s bodies are made to feed their babies. It is a natural extension of growing them. Being totally supported in your post natal time will make all the difference here – especially having a ‘lying in’ period as our grandmothers all were given.

Any problems think lack of ingredients nutrients) and lack of sufficient flows.

The entire site is for you. Also possibly  think Iodine deficiency (painted on topically – about a palm sized amount in the morning – if it completely disappears – within an hour – you know you need much more and all ‘hormonal’/ metabolic and possibly breast related will settle soon.
Magnesium topically also will make a huge difference – as will ingesting a lot of Vitamin D3 over time. Much more on breastfeeding “how to’s” – see here.


Look also to stress – and how the path of the Liver meridian is influenced by life – and by being distressed here.

For more background info, and for all matters reproduction/pregnancy please go to the drop down menus here

Resources galore!  See here

WDCD pack use this oneThis ‘glove box’ manual for the dads – so dad has a tool box approach to your enlarged and maybe achy form – it all works – download today!!  The ‘What Dads Can Do’ manual is either in eBook format or in actual hard copy.

  welcome-baby-003-1-copy   Perhaps invest (or get others to present you with this great gift) my Welcome Baby pack – a care package you can take away and use all through life and especially throughout this precious time of making your children. Take charge.

Contents are all targeting what comes up at various stages in pregnancy and after birthing (and in maternity generally) and all have found their way over the decades of my being a pregnancy care practitioner to be highly useful – and unique. Including my designing and manufacturing some of them! Make sure of your comfort, health, happiness and safety.

Help in your hands – not luck .. .


– Enjoy!!