Post Birth


Maybe mum got forgotten in all of this baby focus post birth? She needs to be touched SO MUCH – with no expectation of  . .
She is already emptying her cup (And likely breasts) day and night.

‘What Dads Can Do’ is so much more than a birthing primer.

It is also the guide to a happy mum /woman/lover – forever . .

All traditional cultures gave mum time out to bond/heal/grow back to herself. I suggest that you start with loving touch .

Having problems?
Easy – start relating/touching/loving more

Especially when she is constantly breastfeeding and attending to another.


Look back to what I have written about birth preparation on this sie – is totally needed to relax and release her tensions now.
Oxytocin is easy to find – start back with loving touch   .

There is more on breastfeeding here . .  .

Maybe to avoid mastitis (Also on this site here) and improve milk production

Start here – the upper back and the Stuck Liver Qi massage that is found here. .

There is so much that may need doing to assist mum to gain her stability on all levels.

Says ‘back ache’ but includes all reasons one may feel stuck – and feels so good!!!

Ideally she would have had fingertip rescues all through the pregnancy and birth – so there is now minimal to do. She must not lose her blood – or become cold or chilled at any part of the pregnancy or birthing as both of these will wreck her future enjoyment of maternity and being in her body.  And take a lot to ‘fix’ as modern medicine is reactive, not restorative/ preventative.Sp 3

Please go to to see what other assistance you can provide your loved ones.

Lost self – Fainting/unconscious

Sp 3 (In the inside edge of the foot on the edge of the sole) just behind the big toe ‘knuckle’ – under the big toe, where a bunion would happen)

To bring the person back – if fainting – or if baby is not really totally ’here’ yet.


Emergency rescue point   – GV 26(Under the nosGv_26 copye- in the midline of the face, a third of the way down from the root of the nose from the mouth in the grove/philtrum).

(To stop dying . . . grind fingernail).
Also to rescue from a deep faint, or if feel as though you are going to.

Immediately post birth still in birthing unit 

To stop hemorrhaging

Any time .  . especially immediately post birth.
Please also look here – to all traditional midwives – they did not have these problems – they knew about belly and other area massage/ pressure (as below for starters) and also what to bring with them from the herbal realm to ensure all were safe at all stages of the journey baby into mum’s arms.

Sp 1(On the big toe, outside corner of the root of the large toe nail)

Sp 1 fingertip   P1030107

Anti bleeding point – grind fingernail into this when needed – may be to stop hemorrhaging in periods more likely if placenta is out and bleeding will not stop – if placenta still attached go to Sp 4 to allow it to leave first – or Sp 6 but I suspect best bet is Sp 4.  If after 30 secs, then hit Sp 6

This is also for any gyne over bleeding   .

Sp 4If placenta/or parts of may still be in

Sp 4 (From Sp 3  above – run finger up towards the ankle and about half way from Sp 3 you will be stopped by a bony protuberance.)

To help get placenta out – esp if it should be now . . . no pulling needed . . need downwards action –



When a downwards action is needed

GB 21GB 21(Top of shoulder. Between the spine and the tip of the shoulder bone). Press downwards deeply.

Downwards action – to get labour started, to get the baby to moved on, to allow the tension in shoulders to ease (after the massage we covered – not instead of or before – timing is all – and also to let milk flow – remember here – downwards action.


      St 36 finding 3and /or St 36

(On the outside of lower leg a hand’s width from the bottom of the kneecap) Go outwards from the edge of the bone – about one thumbs’ width, lateral). The acupuncture point if you only had one to choose for all human complaints.  Hence it is not just good for digestion, or good for energy – here we are using it as it has a downwards action – and in all cases of this – including nausea when the energy is going up not down – is helpful to massage and in a downwards action.  (My rescue point in losing my own BP before the C section  – Ki 1 would also have worked to get me back.

Emergency – keep them here with us – KI 1

(Under foot – in the depression behind the ball of foot, about 1/3 way down the sole. Press very deeply)

Ki 1 2


This is an emergency point to release a reserve tank – can massage/press very deeply to get the person started (if a baby) or if they are deeply unconscious.



Sp 6 finding

Sp 6 (A hand’s width – mum’s – up from the inner ankle – at about one thumb’s width from the edge of the leg bone) Will probably be sore to press

A good all rounder for any female hassle – specifically in labour if you wonder where the contractions have gone – or when they need to strengthen.


If mum needs rescuing – it will be because she either was invaded by cold – and NO cold is allowed anywhere near a woman especially when she is vulnerable – read more about this here ‘Cold is Not Your Friend’.

or was allowed to lose Blood – or did not have good quality Blood to start with

For more background info, and for all matters reproduction/pregnancy please go to the drop down menus here

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Up to you . . not luck

Also look to the Opening Baby Gate site



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