Scar Healing

Scars are not just on the surface, and in the physical.

Heartfelt distress and the consequent life disruptions are not part of what nature had intended when you conceived your little loved one.

There may be substantial healing needed prior to another baby – or just to move on so life is easy again. Please find yourself someone to assist with this – the organisations set up specifically for this may be able to help you.

I have worked with Kalianna Rose from northern NSW (Australia) – she has some wondrous healing essences that work gently and well – please contact her. For you and for baby. Or better still – invest in the Welcome Baby kit below as there are many in this for your immediate use. I can add others as needed.

All cultures respected and revered women, and their role in creating the next generation – hence the future. The information on traditional maternal care – belly binding, vaginal steaming, mother roasting (never, ever ice on a vulnerable woman’s body) and Maya massage is found on the site.


If the perineum has been damaged – this information will be very helpful – at least start with a little organic castor oil inside, and on the wounded areas – once they are sealed over. The use of the safe intimate care products will guarantee easy transition from just birthed to happily sitting/using body however you want

Comfrey ointment used to massage in to the wounds – esp C section – once healed – in addition to the organic castor oil – and using moxa in the sacrum and the actual scar – over the top of it – for a few minutes then following up with acupuncture or least self massage – is what may be needed – regardless of how old the scarring is.

Many have been able to heal this at home using all the info on of all things’ birth preparation – moxa and massage for the pelvis to get the Qi and Blood flowing again. Please also look to the ‘health’ section on this site.


Up to you . . not luck

Also look to the Opening Baby Gate site


Happy bub

OR – go to the opening the baby gate site to also purchase the charts – and maybe all the eBooks?


Any queries, please contact me

– Enjoy!!