Physical Healing

All mothers need a Golden Month.
Looked after, they thrive – resting to heal.
After birthing – at least a month in ‘confinement’.

Maybe more – with ample support – preferably a woman always with you – as she then can take over being ‘mum’ to you whilst you bond with new bub and repair to gradually step back into your life. The belly binding and clay packs and other good things that the older women all did for the new mums may be all you need – surrounded by women’s healing magic.

For instant help – look to the self care areas on perhaps start with the role of emotions and Liver Qi – this may sound odd till you start reading . . and there is so much already there as background info as to why the physical may need attention. Start with water are you drinking anything like enough? Pure not with fluoride in it and not chilled.At least 3 litres daily may be all you need – plus being in the sun – and eating very simply – heaps of dark greens  tallow the Vit D and magnesium to also work their magic. Raw ingredientsBlood energy, magnesium, Vit B, Vit C, Vit D and great foods full of fat and nutrient dense will all help.

What to do on her body is covered in my birthing manuals, DVDs and eBooks and Apps. Very little is ever said of the power of rest.


Please look to the Apps – they are navigational tools through my various informative sites. They are also a key to how to undo whatever is happening – naturally – there is always a simple, natural solution. the fertility app explains the reproductive changes that couples and men may need to make to make better babies.  The Period App explains the changes that a woman undergoes monthly and throughout her life. It also is about the ‘lady bits’ we have and the emotions and all matters womanly. The Pregnancy App covers the obvious, plus all breastfeeding and early baby matters. All the sites (for pregnancy – start with this banner full of inspirational information I have collected) and of course the women’s stories and how to resolve common ‘problems’ as I have done for others over the decades that are all found in the Everything package.

Seek a Mercier and /or an Arvigo (R) /Maya practitioner for assistance as it is holistic – treating all aspects of you – as your needs will be. Either get to the core of the scars that may have happened.  Mercier work and C section recovery here.

Get the natural pregnancy health care App here.
Please also look to the ‘health’ section on this site.

Better still – instant help found here.

The manual and DVDs and moxa rolls are in the kit  .


welcome-baby-kit-contents-without-box-2Perhaps also invest (or get others to present you with this great gift) my Welcome Baby pack – a care package you can take away and use all through life and especially throughout this precious time of making your children. Take charge.

Contents are all targeting what comes up at various stages in pregnancy and after birthing (and in maternity generally) and all have found their way over the decades of my being a pregnancy care practitioner to be highly useful – and unique. Including my designing and manufacturing some of them! Make sure of your comfort, health, happiness and safety   .

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– Enjoy!!

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