Shoulder Pain

Besides all that is written in the general pain areas  . .
The pelvis hold the key – so please do not focus on the upper body – but start with the Stuck Liver Qi massage and then go to the sacral moxa fan, then the sacral massage and then wear a faja – it will radically change your body.Any time there is pain there is a blockage.

Calming down may be tricky – Rescue Remedy in some vibrational form.
Breathing white or golden light right to the area that is hurt (may be your heart)
See downloadable MP3 guided meditation here.

Start with Gua Sha?
See if you can find someone to do this for you – it was home remedy in all Asia countries – and it is hard to damage anyone – although it does look impressive – listen to the commentary and get started!

Wear a faja – see here.
Whilst this is placed around your pelvis – it is a magic trick for the shoulders. You may need to use castor oil packs on the shoulder itself – if this is the problem –  and this overnight can be a great relief. I know it sounds perverse – but the meridians of energy that lead to the neck get jammed up with life angst and relieving the buttocks usually clear a great deal of upper back tension and pain.

Surprising how simple things can make such a difference.
If this is a chronic issue – also use the moxa sacral fan – it will be an impressive difference – as will doing the Stuck Liver Qi massage.

See a Mayan/Arvigo (R) practitioner as the circulation to the legs is dammed possibly at the sacral/pelvic area

Perhaps look to the Pregnancy App as it contains a lot on general health – pregnant or not. As a natural problem solving navigation aid it will take you all over the net to places that you would not have found in conforming orthodoxy.

WDCD pack use this one This is right where the moxa and massage techniques in the manual/MP4 files will help you below. This ‘glove box’ manual for the dads – to get a handle on how a well woman’s pregnant body works and how to adjust it back to perfect!! He can coax your enlarged and maybe achy form – it all works – download today!!