Pubic/Pelvic Pain

There is no excuse for putting up with this. There is no medical answer as it is NOT a medical problem – it is as most pregnancy and health issues are – one of it is one of malnutrition (regardless of how much weight you are carrying about – or not) and structural misalignment – and you can fix this yourself with the moxa and other tools in the eBook package below and following what is on this page).
Your body is showing you that it is totally worn out and needs help – start with  adding a lot more fat and Vit D and magnesium (topical – at least 10 applications – specially on your buttocks and hips – will make a huge difference to all that ails you – as it is unlikely that the pain in your pubic area is all that is bothering you!!
Please start read the general pain, and the back pain pages first.
Often all of PGP/PSP is easily fixed. Taking all the supplements I mention through this and the Pregnancy App will make your life easier, and your baby better nourished. Pain is very often a warning that there is not enough ingredients on board. What to do with your fingers??

Look here

First light your moxa stick/roll (only the smokey ones will do)

Then use as the sacral moxa fan here (why? It works .  .) This is before you do the sacral massage – as birth preparation and also as opening and releasing any pelvic congestion leading to pain in the pelvic area and the pubic symphysis.

Please look here – and also to the eBook Relieving Pregnancy Aches and Pains. Also the Pregnancy Apps.

WDCD pack use this one

  I have written this ‘glove box’ manual for the dads – so he has a tool box approach to your enlarged and maybe achy form – it all works – download today!!