Abdominal/Belly Pain

Abdominal problems?

Maybe look at what you are expecting of your digestion?

upset digestion

If none of these are so bad, perhaps squeeze.

There are some gentle belly moves that will soothe you can do.
PLEASE put nothing cold /cool in your ‘food factory’
It would only make it worse – and if this is what you crave .


Sp 4 – found a third of the distance down towards the heel on the side of the foot, from the big toe. It is up against a bone in a depression, after you have moved from the bunion” joint to wards the heel. You will come up against a bone – and if you move under towards the sole, wherever is the sorest point. Do not use if pregnant.

Sp 4

and if this is not helpful – or not sore with pressure, try

GB 41 (at the junction between the 4th and 5th tendons on the top of the foot).

GB 41

If this point is not sore – try on the outside of this tendon, same distance from the web of foot and press deeply whichever one is more sore).
Again – not if pregnant

st36 St 36 finding 3


Maybe using organic castor oil packs may help?
Also having friend work on the Stuck Liver Qi massage?

Lastly – find yourself a practitioner  Gentling Way as they will be able to assist you find your way back to easy living in your woman’s body!!

Resources – see the site I put up so all can have an any easy birth


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– Enjoy!!