Abdominal Pain

There should be NO pain in pregnancy.

Please read the general pain area on this site first.

Always look to the nutrients available – see the easy breasts site for more on this.

maternal recipe for optimal pregnancy & birth

Maybe you are ‘stressed’?

Whatever is going on – please seek out more water better food, more sunshine and a lot more touching.
The Stuck Liver Qi massage is of course ‘safe’ – as is all that you see here.

I am not suggesting points to press, as many would be contraindicated during pregnancy – so please seek assistance – and more raw ingredients as mentioned. Do look to the abdominal pain area on this site and use them. Ingredients/breast site .

Up to you . . not luck

Also look to the Opening Baby Gate site


‘What Dads Can Do’ resources found here                            Box of moxa rolls                               Happy bub

OR – go to the opening the baby gate site to also purchase the charts – and maybe all the eBooks?

– Enjoy!!