Leg Pain

Drink a lot more water (not chilled or too cold from the tap ).
Magnesium and dietary fat and Vit D in excess will assist with all reasons any pain may be there.
If pain with swelling – drink more water, take a lot more salt (not purified/white) and use a lot of iodine painted the body to assist the thyroid to work better. All circulation will be helped with more magnesium – topical application is best, added in with a lot more Vit D on board (when pregnant at least 20,000iu daily). Having said this – start with the Stuck Liver Qi massage and work down to the pelvis.

See a Mayan/Arvigo (R) practitioner as the circulation to the legs is dammed possibly at the sacral/pelvic area

Perhaps look to the Pregnancy App as it contains a lot on general health – pregnant or not. As a natural problem solving navigation aid it will take you all over the net to places that you would not have found in conforming orthodoxy.

WDCD pack use this one This is right where the moxa and massage techniques in the manual/MP4 files will help you below. This ‘glove box’ manual for the dads – to get a handle on how a well woman’s pregnant body works and how to adjust it back to perfect!! He can coax your enlarged and maybe achy form – it all works – download today!!