Gyne Pain

There are myriad reasons for gyne pain. The causes need resolving, not medicating against. The Liver Qi in Chinese medicine is said to govern the flow of Blood and as we bleed, anything that upsets the emotions, then upsets the cycle – and often people get it quite backwards – being upset upsets the periods not your periods are upsetting you.
Please read all about general pain, and also avoid all chilled drinks and foods, and exposure to cold surfaces, as cold lodges in a woman’s body forever – causing pains that will feel relieved, not removed, by application of heat.

Gyne problems? Maybe some of these pressing them – will help.
Please find out why the body is giving you pain, and a ‘diagnosis’ of what disease process is not what I mean – but how you can back out of this problem.

Start with Sp 6 – (a hands width up from the inner ankle)

Sp 6 finding

and if this is not helpful – or not sore with pressure, try

GB 41 (at the junction between the 4th and 5th tendons on the top of the foot).

GB 41

If this point is not sore – try on the outside of this tendon, same distance from the web of foot and press deeply whichever one is more sore)

if this is not particularly sore , try pressing Ki 7 (two finger widths up from the inner ankle bone)

Ki 7 finding

and if none of these are so bad, perhaps squeeze

Bl 60/Ki 3

Grasp the midpoint between the Achilles tendon and the inner/outer ankles and rhythmically squeeze.

Bl 60 Ki 3

The Stuck Liver Qi massage will be the most beneficial – though possibly not when you have belly pain – as the cause will always have at its base emotions – and the Liver Qi gets stuck and then you get so stressed – around and around – so very easily.
In the meantime, please invest in the Period App as this will help you navigate all through the areas you never even thought to ask about – plus will give heaps of natural solutions to pain and discomfort in all life and gyne conditions.
Lastly – find yourself a Mayan/Arvigo (R) practitioner as they will be able to assist you find your way back to easy living in your woman’s body!!