Back Pain

Any time there is pain there is a blockage

1 – Start with drinking more pure (not tap) non chilled water and flood your body with it.

WHY? Fascia needs it to function – to be more flexible.
2 – Vit C and bioflavonoids – needed to allow the collagen to repair – and the liver organ its detoxing business better.

3 – Where is the magnesium? Topical is best – you can bathe (at least the feet soaked) in Epsom salts or Himalayan rock salt – with MSM powder added can only help. I get all my people to use the topical at least 10 times daily – you will be surprised at how much this helps – oral may only give you the runs – and the gels and creams may be gentler for your skin – never in your belly – use on the tougher skin – especially the butt as you can add it on each toilet /loo break; seriously will stop all aches and pains . .

4 – The fat in your diet – add a lot more. This will assist you absorb sun rays and make more Vit D –  have a sun bath!!

5 – Vit D deficiency is one of the major reasons for pain (esp chronic) – so find a bottle of capsules and down at least 30 of them – (1,000 iu caps) preferably 50 and do this for a few days and then reduce to 30,000 daily for a week or so then at least 10,000 iu after this. Best to find a source – and get the capsules that are 10 or 25,000 iu per unit. .


6 – This will allow you to use the minerals that will be needed – magnesium for pain relief being the major one.
if you feel not much better – maybe not enough Vit D3 and magnesium – and water – so add a lot more.

Having said this .  . . Please also look to the ‘health’ section on this site.

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Calming down may be tricky – Rescue Remedy in some vibrational form.
Breathing white or golden light right to the area that is hurt (may be your heart)
See downloadable MP3 guided meditation here.

Start with Gua Sha? All traditions had home remedies – that would work – so we did not HAVE to go off to ind someone to ‘fix’ what we should NOT have broken – and have not listened to warnings as they get more strident.

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See if you can find someone to do this for you – it was home remedy in all Asian countries – and it is hard to damage anyone – although it does look impressive – listen to the commentary and get started!

Wear a faja – (see Welcome Baby kit below for how to and why).

Surprising how simple things can make such a difference.
If this is a chronic issue – also use the moxa sacral fan – it will be an impressive difference.

Then you find the amazing the Stuck Liver Qi massage.


Stand alone way to help yourself


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– Enjoy!!