Any time there is pain there is a blockage

Simple as that – so get the QI and lymph moving – here are the answers . .

Simple as that!!!

1) – Start with drinking more pure (not tap) non chilled water and flood your body with it.
2) – where is the magnesium? Topical is best – you can bathe (at least the feet soaked) in Epsom salts or Himalayan rock salt – with MSM powder added can only help.
3) – The fat in your diet – add a lot more – will assist you absorb sun rays and make more Vit D – please go out and have a sun bath!!
4) – Vit D deficiency is one of the major reasons for pain – so find a bottle of capsules and down at least 30 of them – (1,000iu caps) preferably 50 and do this for a few days at then reduce to 30,00 daily. Get your levels checked – ideally will be at least 120 n/m/l
This will allow you to use the minerals that will be needed – magnesium for pain relief being one of the major ones.
if this is not instantly helpful – also go to wearing a faja – see here for more
Instant calm and peaceful at your fingertips –

Massage instructions for your loving partner

Maybe download your copy of my solutions based natural pregnancy manual

wdcd_plus_birthingThe instant download – source your own moxa rolls from an acupuncturist (smoky only – the smokeless as re a waste of time – though highly smoky – they work.

What Dads Can Do – your pregnancy ‘glove box’ manual

Having said this .  . . also look here for instructions

Calming down may be tricky – Rescue Remedy in some vibrational form.
Breathing white or golden light right to the area that is hurt (may be your heart)
See downloadable MP3 guided meditation here.

Source a moxa stick (real, not smokeless) and start making your life easier – need a helpful set of extra hands – is totally safe and easy.

Also see a Maya massage therapist as their napropathic work is brilliant and will also prepare you for a much easier birth as the sacral/pelvic stability has to be felt to be believed using this magic combination.


Using the mWDCD pack use this oneoxa, Stuck Liver Qi massage, taking a lot more Vit D, using topical magnesium and drinking much more water  (never chilled) will make pregnant an easy time for the little one you are making – and yourself.

Being in pain means the flows are not flowing as designed.

Let this easy manual help you!.