Any time there is pain there is a blockage.
1) – Start with drinking more pure (not tap) non chilled water and flood your body with it.
2) – where is the magnesium? Topical is best – you can bathe (at least the feet soaked) in Epsom salts or Himalayan rock salt – with MSM powder added can only help.
3) – The fat in your diet – add a lot more – will assist you absorb sun rays and make more Vit D – please go out and have a sun bath!!
4) – Vit D deficiency is one of the major reasons for pain – so find a bottle of capsules and down at least 30 of them – (1,000iu caps) preferably 50 and do this for a few days at then reduce to 30,00 daily. Get your levels checked – ideally will be at least 120 n/m/l
This will allow you to use the minerals that will be needed – magnesium for pain relief being one of the major ones.
if this is not instantly helpful- also go to wearing a faja – see here for more
Instant calm and peaceful at your fingertips –

Massage instructions for your loving partner here

Having said this .  . . also look here for instructions

Calming down may be tricky – Rescue Remedy in some vibrational form.
Breathing white or golden light right to the area that is hurt (may be your heart)
See downloadable MP3 guided meditation here.

Sample – listen here

Source a moxa stick (real, not smokeless) and start making your life easier – need a helpful set of extra hands – is totally safe and easy.

Also see a Mayan massage therapist as their naprpathic work is brilliant and will also prepare you for a much easier birth as the sacral/pelvic stability has to be felt to be believed using this magic combination – plus the moxa, Stuck Liver Qi massage, Vit D, topical magnesium and much more water drunk (never chilled). What does cold look like stored in a body and what does it do? See here for more.

In the meantime, get some practical results, safely, and immediately at home by downloading this ‘it all works’ pregnancy glove box manual and 2 MP3 files – andWDCD pack use this one get him on the job of helping your body flow as it is supposed to easily and at home, right now.