What is even called ‘news’?

Sometimes there is a ‘news’ item which may set others up to feel as hopeless as the person reported upon.

Here is one such . . 11th August – Sunday Mail (Brisbane)

Firstly – this is NOT medical advice.

That is full of ‘we don’t know.
Nature does.

Pregnancy is a life expectation we all replicate – ants to whales. .
Is not micromanaged in real life – it is all about survival of the fittest.

When all is well – all is well

When all is NOT well – and not corrected – and the causes not investigated.


The problems escalate and are medically managed – not fixed.

The story could easily have gone so differently

  • 1 – Become well first (assuming that the sperm is actually fertile (Which in today’s life may not be so).
  • 2 – Correct all gyne issues that CREATE the endometriosis.
  • 3 – Undo all the underlying co factors – especially the womb positioning
  • 4 – Attend to all the adhesions created from the interventions of all descriptions – the apparent medical assistance.
  • 5 – This includes the nutritional aftermath of the drugs and contraceptives used – all of which impact on the already not well mum to be – whose ‘baby factory’ was not working in the first place – thus endometriosis happened.


YOU MAY ASK . . .(Why does this matter?)

You could ask – as it seems to have totally slipped past the medical people  we need to have clarity in the body functioning as it will not necessarily do pregnancy – let alone breastfeeding – or mothering  well if we ignore FOUNDATIONS – we are not that silly when building houses.

Surely building a human being is more important?

See what one woman discovered – wellness in pregnancy with a vastly more healthy bub at the other end ..

We continue.  . .

  • 6 – NOT immune from what she was vaccinated with. This may come as a surprise ..
    Immunity is NOT conferred through vaccination – it is a theory, It does not always ‘work’.
  • 7 – CMV – Cytomegalovirus. IS a POTENTIAL worry – though with a strong immune system – enhanced not weakened/corrupted. by Increasing the nutrient load and availability this can be healed. The body is repairing itself actively whilst pregnant – best time in a woman’s life to find herself supported by women who know women’s traditional ways – as the midwives and healers of old all did.  Their job – tending and FIXING.
  • (Easy especially if she sees a natural health care provider whose scope of practice is actually HEALTH care – not monitoring and worrying people more.

MORE to come . . .

Often decades later.
This is still being played out.
We can do so much better.



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Follow always what we as mammals are expected by Nature to do.

This is why it is not hat available – who makes money when you are not having problems?