What can go wrong

Nothing if you let Nature be your guide.
Of course you can do it!
When animals are pregnant with more than one baby – think sheep especially – the farmer ensures that the mums carrying  twins and triplets are all well nourished through keeping them in a different paddock with extras laid on.

tripletsSo too with you carrying more than one baby – you need extra ingredients and to take care of yourself naturally through finding a good natural health care provider who knows all about ingredients (nutrients) and circulation, of these are the key to success in all health endeavours.
Assuming you will be fine – just keep scanning is not the way.
What you do need to do is pay attention to all that your body tells you.

These triplets were ‘my work’ fro start to finish – along with a C-section at nearly 35 weeks as mum had ‘no more room’ – and all were born at the same weight expected for the gestational age of a singleton. This can be your journey also  look after yourself, stop work well in advance of when you ‘want’ to an grow your children well.

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Contents are all targeting what comes up at various stages in pregnancy and after birthing (and in maternity generally) and all have found their way over the decades of my being a pregnancy care practitioner to be highly useful – and unique. Including my designing and manufacturing some of them! Make sure of your comfort, health, happiness and safety   .

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– Enjoy!!