Glorious abundance!
Your body can!
Ignore all warnings to the contrary and go with nature.
twinsMore access to stunning ingredients is the key . . See here for more
And then here: the ligaments ad the pelvis are the key to an easy pregnancy and birth – and life ever after!

Please follow all on my work as I expect to have full term, normal sized infants as  twins and normal size for age triplets – if mum follows what I give her to do – listen to her body, have dad working on her sacral area to enhance the placental flow – and her taking all that is needed to grow more than one as one would be – perfectly.

This includes very regular HEALTH correction, not medical monitoring worrying – from a specialist obstetric natural care professional – and using also a Maya/Arvigo® worker who is specialising in pregnancy and birthing safety through using the central American midwifery tools we all have as part of our training – this is important as your comfort and babies growth is then assured.

Please also look to the eBook packages found on and the pregnancy App available there

This is what to do when expecting – forget about what you are told to expect – fix it all yourselves.  .so simple, so easy and so rewarding!!

Step by step with heaps pictures and even is on film . .Get yours today.

wdcd_plus_birthingThe entire hard copy available here (plus 2 moxa sticks included) or instant download – source your own moxa rolls from an acupuncturist (smoky only – the smokeless as re a waste of time – though highly smoky – they work.

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