Please also look to the significant resources mentioned also here.

Prevention – there is a lot here – not just a point – press as this is a complex issue that is the end result of a lot of processes that ideally do not happen.
Generally to get mastitis – there has been an invasion of cold – think the ice packs and iced condoms that should have never ever been used (regardless of the fact they numbed sensation – they also made your body work in ways it can’t and the extra cold has wasted your Yang Qi (metabolism/digestion/protection against invaders) and now all sorts of catastrophies that are not seen by those who suggested such a disrespectful action on you, are now showing up for you to be here looking for help. .

Removal of all cold, increasing your B and C vitamins – a little often as they are used continually and not stored in the body – and usage of Zinc, and lots of magnesium. Also use a negative ion strip from a panty liner (see safe intimate care on how to access these – they work brilliantly in all aspects of maternity and of being a woman) or contact me to order some, plus any other options in helping you.

Using iodine directly painted in the area that is troubled several times a day may be the best help.

Iodine used all through the pregnancy would have probably avoided this and all other ‘high risk issues – please read this eBook to learn what to do.

Immediately – this is rescue only – there is so much more on the pregnancy app and also in the What Dads Can Do manual and associated DVD.

1) – do not use cold or ice – it may numb the area but also causes the very stagnation of flow that is creating the drama.

instead – you want movement – there is great stagnation. Use warmth (it feels nice also) – warm showers, hot packs to get circulation going.

2) – Downwards and outwards needed.

At the very beginning – please be aware that this was set up – ‘pissed off’ (not happy with what has eventuated) and exhausted are the key ingredients – then add in invasion of cold – for all living in NZ and Australia where common sense is lost and what numbs a sporting injury (ice) is now liberally applied to all the ‘pink bits’ of a woman after and sometimes before birth – this is the consequence and much more is written on this elsewhere.

Of course all will say – get on antibiotics – and, if left for too long, or in a very depleted state – maybe these are needed as well – but mum needs building up – as mastitis should not have happened. It is not a complete answer taking anti life medication – especially as the gut flora of both mum and baby is now damaged – and the body needs to be repaired – and the very lack of support that created this is no doubt not now readily remedied.

If in fever – Chinese herbs work very fast as does seeing a qualified acupuncturist. How? Undoing what has happened – not just playing with the immediate consequences. I have rescued countless women who have been iced at birth and with in a week have massive mastitis- which is instantly gone, on the treatment couch – just when pulling the cold out – please – do not add it in – it causes no end of troubles when she/you goes home. See more here.

More rest, water drunk, chicken soup – and bone broths – and more rest – along with small and very frequent doses of Vit C and B and Vit D – initially massive hits of these will get results immediately – as will using topical magnesium – and powdered magnesium otherwise – then a little of all the B and C and magnesium through the day – she will be instantly feeling much better. As this is a fingertip rescue page – more is written on the pregnancy app – please download it.

Here are the points that may help.

Points to use – GB 41

Co 4,

GB 21,

TH 5

BUT please remember that she needs to get a lot of Vit C in immediately – frequent doses – all through the day. Use homeopathic remedies – as a standby in case and then start adding into water – oil of Thieves on the area, paint iodine directly over the inflamed area, also on the belly to help absorb for a better life – see The Iodine Solution.

Here is the sequence of massage/soft gouging moves that also may be useful.