Nature knows best.
Prior to scanning we all waited and were patient
Not scared. Such a sacred time!
Often things just take time and a maternally ‘Jersey cow’ (in love with hormones and pregnant life) approach.
Not to be worried – as what does this do?

(Science is now coming up with what anyone could suggest – freak mum out so her gut is upset, her nutrients are then less useful, and a baby is flooded with ‘freaked out’ hormones instead). Add to this more fetal scanning which in itself is a danger especially to the baby – and we have a no respectful path of pregnancy.

We could use a more inclusive/respectful way.
Enter any elder’s form of medicine – here I use Asian and Maya ways.

What allows all to sit where it should in our body?

Yang and Spleen Yang Qi – no traditional culture would allow women especially pregnant ones to drink, eat and be exposed to cold as it wastes this. Leading into all sorts of issues that are then seen as being high risk’.

Questions we do not ask . . .

What will happen if I ‘do nothing’?

Really? Before scans – what was the incidence and how did it go?
We will need to listen to the elderly wise women for this as there are so many cultures that ever lost a mum, let alone a baby – as all were following what to do to have a well pregnancy – and were living with, not against nature.

What will really happen if we actually listen to our bodies, not want we feel we want to do?

Why not just stop worrying and seek out someone who knows how to run a well pregnancy and return on that may be slightly ‘off course’ back on course again? Who actually knows what to do?
Not medically monitor and cast doubts and fears about.

Why do we feel the need to freeze ourselves?

Believe that raw and cold ad sweet foods/fluids as and fruits are best for us?
Enter the answer – pulling out the stored cold, so the uplifting energy can do its job.

Instead forever eating and drinking raw, cool, cold and too sweet things – and calling it ‘healthy’ – all the while freezing ones’ gut hence Spleen holding energy.
Of course Hayleys’ body responded instantly (tongue and well being and gut improvements) when I pulled out what was creating the dramas all around – and showing up as placental drift . .
Who knows it may well have (as my own did 32 years ago) move up as the baby and the pregnancy took up so much more space within my belly).

Hayley's new family“This is my placenta story. I really wanted to share this to help other women understand this issue and ask the right questions if they happen to face the same diagnosis in the future and think that what they are told by conventional medical professionals (that intervention in the form of a C-section) is their only option.

The acupuncture I had involved a very important step of using navel cupping to pull out the ‘cold’ in my body and thus supporting my gut (and hence Spleen QI and Yang Qi to lift. The normal needling and moxa sacral fan were support activities.

Getting rid of the cold was the key. It’s all about back to basics and fixing imbalances and you do have options…be courageous, ask questions and seek alternatives before you accept an experience that you don’t want.

First Pregnancy. Supportive midwives and natural health care professionals.

Hayley, Home water birth 4.055kg, 41 weeks’ xx

To see more on what Hayley and her baby’s dad did at home themselves. .

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