Low amniotic fluid

Take charge this is a body warning


(If it is in fact ‘real’)
There is so much grooming going on.

Who is in charge?
Nature – got you there and will keep you safe – please only listen to her and traditional birth keepers..

Not the bunch who are there to distract – as they do so very well.

‘Just in case’.

Testing, Testing…

I say this having watched pregnancy being taken over by those whose own interests manipulating you through fear take over. Pregnancy  is the most important time in anothers’ life –  baby is being made.
Mum being ready to BE the mother she wants to be – in love, happy and totally absorbed in er new love.
Not possible when all retail opportunities are out there to compete with nature.
Never mind the baby and what s/he needs – a fierce mum to protect and always be on their side!

Pregnancy is not something to be ‘managed’ or ‘watched’.

Nature does it all for you.
IF you started in a well state and are not living waiting for the next catastrophe to strike you.

All the work I now bring through is aimed at you being able to divert attention back to reality.
The body heals itself – and no more so than when pregnant.
In pregnancy mum is hypersensitive to all subtle pressures
She feels so much more. .
Let us harness that back to healing . .
No panics when you follow what is in the Pregnancy Resources.
And this site can assist you

Safe natural Pregnancy Resources here.

Do you have hot feet /itchy legs that have to go out of the bedclothes at night?
Do you think that it is normal to do so as this has been part of who you are forever?
Or just when pregnant?

This is actually part of a group of symptoms that more traditional systems of medicine see as being vitally important to correct. Instead of watching it all fall over slowly, please take action.
Look to the ‘health’ section on this site.

1 – The most common reason for this is dehydration.

How much pure (non chilled) water are you drinking?

water drink moreIncrease it unless it is 3 litres daily.
At least a litre before eating anything in the morning and a glass at least 30 minutes before eating diligently.
As you get towards when you are to feed your baby, the water habit has to be on automatic.

Then you will need to take at least 3 large glasses of water to sit besides you as you have no idea how long you will be sitting feeding and you also will be amazed at how much you can get through when it is on offer.
Please do not think drinking from a bottle will do – as you can’t drink it fast enough from there.

2 – What are you making that baby with?

Perhaps look to all I have on the site on breasts.
I focused there as few seem to see that the breasts being happy – mean all flows and nutrients in the body are working as designed to – perfectly. No hassles as the Qi flows. At the very least add in so much more topical magnesium onto your body – in later pregnancy at least 10 times a day – preferably each time you visit the small room to pee – use on your bottom and thighs.

wisdom treeThis will markedly help all aches and pains, especially when you increase the amount of vitamin D3 you are taking to at least 10,000 iu daily – preferably at least 30,000 iu until the end of the pregnancy – as you will find as do all my previously ‘high risk’ maternity patients – that it magically undoes all that was being medically monitored – we are not paying attention to the ingredients needed to run our bodies. Vitamin D3 is so important for all maternal life /birth/ pregnancy/lactation/hormonal/brain and nervous system development/immune system.

Asking for ‘evidence’ whilst watching the whole body breakdown is rampant in all medical endeavours – please do you own research – perhaps start where I ‘filed’ all mine when I was researching ‘saving babies after 24 weeks ‘ – as in – working out WHY so many women were not staying pregnant for the entire gestation – and it is as simple as malnutrition – regardless of how much they are eating – all about quality and also the ability of your gut to actually process what you eat.

3 – Increase the circulation to the local area

This is where the sacral moxa fan work and the massage afterwards is brilliant

How to light a moxa stick and what to do with it.

sacral_moxa    sacral_fan_with arrows

A moxa stick can be purchased from all good acupuncturists or Chinese herbal suppliers. You will receive two if you buy the hard copy of the ‘What Dads Can Do’ package.

4 – Stop all fetal monitoring as it CAUSES the problem

Please be respectful of your body and its process.
If there has been a worry about fetal growth – do something other than ‘medically monitor’ – fix it. Look to all I have written in the Pregnancy App, the sites I direct you to, the research that has already been done and is also in the resources I freely have on this and my other sites.

To help you help yourself


Over the past 40+ years I have been working with pregnancy to allow nature to come forth again – as we need mums to be in love not recovering from trauma – once they are new mums.
Easily done -my 2005 manual and DVDs ‘What Dads Can Do’ has become a multi media set to cover all bases – self help tools.

Download the instantly available eBook ‘Easy Birth Preparation’ –  with all the massage moves and why – in full colour and totally easy to follow instructions here. The full kit – ‘Birthing – What Dads Can Do’ includes the two massage and moxa practical MP4’s files. An eBook collection – ‘Hyperemesis Solutions’, ‘Easy Childbirth Preparation’, ‘Breech Solutions’, ‘Relieving Pregnancy Aches and Pains’, ‘Relieving Pregnancy Back Pain’ and so much more PLUS all the charts to print out as instructional  aids backs you up – esp for all late pregnancy concerns and how you can turn all situations about with simple, safe and home based work.


Finding an obstetrically experienced wise womanly acupuncturist may be very helpful. Seek a Gentiing Way/Maya practitioner for assistance as it is holistic – treating all aspects of you – as your needs will be.

Many have been able to heal this at home using all the info on of all things’ birth preparation – moxa and massage for the pelvis to get the Qi and Blood flowing again – see the entire ‘What Dads Can Do’ package instantly downloaded here.

Forget about all that may ‘go wrong’

PAY ATTENTION – body is letting you know – it is not working optimally . . .

How is monitoring it all going to help?
Do something different – support life and flows and the natural process of growing baby well.
FIX IT yourself – easily, simply – with nature on your side – at home.

Read more here  Never use ice  .  . especially not around a pregnant or just birthed mother – please get your free eBook as to why on the page above.

Up to you . . not luck

Also look to the Opening Baby Gate site


Box of moxa rolls                               Happy bub

OR – go to the opening the baby gate site to also purchase the charts – and maybe all on offer?

‘Problems’ are alerting you to solutions waiting to happen –

body warnings . . .

Interestingly enough – when this is corrected – so is almost everything else!


Enjoy making life!!

Any queries, please contact me heather@heatherbruce.com.au

I am in NZ for the near future.
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