What IS the rush?

Is baby ready to be breathing?

Is baby in an optimal place to facilitate birth?
Is mum uncomfortable and wants baby out?

How does she feel about this?


In my decades of assisting pregnant women

The three main reasons I see occurring when someone wants ‘acupuncture to induce’ are

1- Times are ‘out’:

and scanning is not the way to determine whether a baby is ‘cooked’ /ready to come. We are all different.

2 – The baby is not in an optimal lie for the beginning of labour: (see number 4)

usually it can be argued that baby is in ‘perfect ‘ position when head down – but when O.P. (occiput posterior – facing outwards or ‘sunny side up’ – not so. What to do? Easy to shift – see more here (CLICK).

3 – Baby or mum are not ready
4 – Structural difficulties – HUGELY IGNORED

my work in both the Maya/Arvigo (CLICK)  and the Mercier (CLICK) work added into my own extensive Moving blockages form of childbirth education means – no past coccyx or sacral break is in the way – we can undo all traumas in the pregnancy – see my Gentling Way practitioners for more.

Maybe resulting in baby also in an awkward lie to begin labour.

How does induction help the opening process needed for baby to arrive?
Perhaps learn about being less than honest (thus irked/frustrated/upset/likely to NOT start labour/breastfeed well and maybe even lurch towards post natal depression – PND – all likely when we are wound up and not being released of what we think we should feel/be doing. start here. .

Telling her she is not the one to be living in her life her way at this stage will upset her well . .

What does this do?
We get tied up and upset – and not able to flow.. .

There is a Bell curve for everything.  The average gestation – bang in the middle – (half way of all women birthing) – is deemed to be 40 weeks from beginning of a pregnancy – if all else is equal – mum being well all through the pregnancy and it not being her first baby. If it is her first pregnancy – add on another 10-12 days as it seems ‘the oven’ takes longer the first time around.

There may be considered ‘medical’ reasons.

This is life not medicine – and Nature needs you to pay attention . .
And we can undo these easy enough with looking to the ingredients needed to run this around – almost always a hit of a lot of Vit D3 and topically applied magnesium and topical iodine and plenty of dietary fat, much more water drink daily and protein eaten with every meal, no sugar ingested and much more rest . .

Pre eclampsia – assumed to be why baby must be taken out now – why not just add in the raw ingredients needed? The Vit D3 and magnesiumtopical – in huge amounts? reduce problems also through no sugar/sweet taste, no cold or cool invasion and of course – much more rest and clean water drunk.

Same for Cholestasis and Cholelithiasis – all of the above – PLUS just add in NO SUGAR/GRAINS at all. Squeeze half a lemon in warm water every rnorning, only water to be drunk (a lot more and only pure, non tap and non chilled) and at least 20 grams of Vit C as a powder in water over a 24 hour period you will be amazed – learn more about how this process of accelerated heating within happens here. Stop monitoring – fix it!!!

Baby too big really? Women’s pelvises open when prepared well.

As I suggest here – perhaps also download the resources to assist you. Do the work – it all actually allows easy – one woman birthed her 11.5 lb’er – easier than the 9 lb’er – as she had her man do the pelvic opening . . as shown here.

Gestational diabetes – again – why is this a problem?

Monitoring is not the answer – prevention through living – a great life is.

All of these are easily returned to perfect health but not doing what you still are is the key – Vit D3 and iodine (Download the free eBook to show you why it is crucial) and magnesium depletion at their core.

Are there actually medical emergencies – or is this hospital driven policy?

Is mum considered to be ‘too old’?
Is baby ‘too precious’? (IVF maybe)
Is the placenta really breaking down? (Get more water and ingredients: plus use the moxa stick as shown here and then the sacral massage – it will improve the placental blood flow – all is so easy.

Correct the problem – get more ingredients and more circulation happening.

Do we trust birth?

Do we trust mum’s body to do what it is primed for?
In peace, and undisturbed?

Likely reason baby is happy where s/he is – 
Not in exactly the right spot . . fix it yourselves!!!

If so – then there is no need for me to say anything here – as nature will when ready – so please look to the birth preparation section and the fetal positioning one again.

Help is at hand – yours

If you want all the resources I have put together – so YOU are in charge?
Here they are .

Return to the blueprint . .

Nature does not set us up to face trouble at birth.

Maybe watch this . .

Undo what is not as you wish – simply and safely – highly effective as you are working WITH not against nature.

Also ask for what really happens – and the real evidence and the real stats – what if you leave nature alone – and if you have baby in the optimal position – why is it so imperative to have baby out before s/he is ready to breathe? How does labour get initiated? Why are we rushing perfection? Fear? Possibly some deep and meaningful insights need discovering – as there is no ‘control’ that you can have over your newborn – or your body – why listen to what is being demanded from those who do not have to wear the consequences should they be wrong?

Listen with your gut and heart???

Also perhaps download your ‘glove box manual’ for her (pregnant) body here

Better still – this ‘glove box’ manual for the dads – so he has a tool box approach to your enlarged and maybe achy form – all works – download today!!  Also found in actual hard copy as a keeper for your own children to use – it is that life changing . ..  in this unique care package.



Online help all there for you – Enjoy!!