Fetal Position

Often baby is hassled about being ‘right’ and others are in control – and mum gets to be worried unnecessarily. Who said being pregnant needed an overseer as though the body has no wisdom? Surely nature does not set a woman up to fail in such a biologically needed event – replication?

Leaving a normal pregnancy alone, and instead living a sensible life would reverse most problems. Living for the next scan, the next blood test, the next grim and doom prediction via the orthodox ‘care’ given medically takes its toll

I suggest inspirational and self help information is freely available on this site – and what I have in the apps and this site

Look to what I have out together after decades of professional maternal care


Find yourself someone who will be there for you throughout your life – not just a snap shot as all maternity trained and even medically trained people are – the global/entire life wellness focus is what you will need. Continuity of care is vital to have a touch stone to go to when needing more information. The internet can only fulfill so many needs.

‘Stress’ (being annoyed about anything – not getting ‘your’ own way)  is a large reason why things start looking interesting – you can’t change the world, but you an change you response to it.

Before you do anything with moxa . . . be kind to all concerned.
Maybe baby is supposed to be just where s/he is.

How to help anyone – not just pregnant mums – who have tension – anywhere . .Stuck Liver Qi massage from Heather Bruce on Vimeo.


If you have just landed here, and are in later pregnancy – please download the pregnancy app and read all on this site first

Pre pregnancy – find someone adept in Mayan abdominal massage to ensure the next pregnancy is as easy as your baby’s birth right.

In the efforts to provide a few handy rescues – here is the move from lateral lie/OP position or out of breech model

What most think that they know – a magic point to play with  . . .

Please do not start here

Instead . . .

investigate WHY baby is in an apparently non standard spot

Start with some ‘undoing the stress’ massage below and get the helpful informative and effective tools I have peppered through this page.

Here is a demonstration on how to moxa the toe point – mum is not to – as she is not in an extended position – and here is the thing – need to get baby comfy where it is more spacious . . .so optimally fetal positioning is about easy exit.

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This point is usually seen as the magic cure – until you try it.

There is a reason baby is in whatever position is deemed ‘not right’.

Please do not do this moxa trick more than twice. In fact I rarely need to in clinic – as if baby is not moving there is a reason – so possibly .. . work slightly backwards – Why is baby in a different position than is considered as being optimal?

Find out – start with improving life for all – improve mum’s nutrition and posture and then see what may be needed – often this ‘breech emergency’ is just a way to get mum to focus on her baby, not her external life. There is a need to bond and to get serious – rather than having a pregnancy on top of her busy schedule/life. Who said being breech is a problem anyway? Possibly baby is safest there and can easily come if all calm down and let her /him sort it out themselves. (Please also go to www.spinningbabies.com)

Please look to the eBook series found here as it holds a photographic essays and other women’s stories on what made the difference for them.

Start with sacral fan moxa  . .

to calm the area locally and also mum – and have magnesium oil on hand to do the same – and use multiple times daily as more magnesium (wand way less calcium than is usually taken) is the key here – as in taking in board a lot more daily Vit D. See the eBook below for more

After the moxa, next comes the massage – and this is quite painful so start slow and shallow and build it up . .

Often all that is needed is more magnesium, or rest, more reassurance and nature will takeover.

If you want to assist – at least to clear the way so the pelvis is working with not against you – start here.

To learn more – get the instantly available eBook ‘Easy Birth Preparation’ –  with all the massage moves and why
– in full colour, totally easy to follow instructions. .

This entire process is in photographic essays available as an entire package here.


Each eBook is available singly, but why would you – as the rest of the amazing process is shared so eloquently, and practically with full demonstrations shown in photo form?

Add in the entire eBook suite that backs you up – esp for all late pregnancy concerns and how you can turn all situations about with simple, safe and home based work.