Fetal Position

Positioning – what creates ‘issues’?


Please to remember . . . .

Baby comes when baby is ready


Maybe baby is being held in a non optimal lie?
And is not coming due to this?

MAYBE. . .
Lateral . . (I have had one of these)
OP (sunny side up) ( I have also had one of these)

Breech gets most mentions  .  . .

Repeated Instinctual Movements: Are They Talking to Us?

When/if you turn bub without undoing why s/he was there it is very likely they will go back to where it is most comfy.
So often the breech turns into O.P. – or R.O.P. – a half turn from hard to birth – and then still a C – section as the job is only half done – see more here in the resources section  all the eBooks of others and their stories in addition to what to do to correct your (mum’s ) body so baby is well placed – as if baby does not know – and s/he is following what works best for them – there will always be – an ‘unknown from us – portion . . Let us start from a different place – why is bub there?

What is the deal with all this drama?Babies come out just fine – when left to do the birthing dance with mum

A real home water breech birth


Please watch this is a lovely breech water birth.
What you may have been groomed to be so scared of – UP UNTIL NOW .  .

So simple – when we stop micromanaging . .  .
Preparation – pelvic childbirth education – to surrender and to let go

How to open your ‘Baby Gate’ here.

Easy to do at home . . . undo what is keeping her body hostage.


We can simply release mums’ structure allowing this to change remarkably.

The manual and accompanying videos ‘What Dads Can Do’ takes touch to a new level – and mum will melt under his fingers.. .a great oxytocin boost.

Look to what I have out together after decades of professional maternal care. I suggest inspirational and self help information is freely available on this site – and on this site

Before you do anything  . . . please be kind to all concerned.
Maybe baby is supposed to be just where s/he is.

‘Stress’ (being annoyed about anything – not getting ‘your’ own way)  is a large reason why things start looking interesting – you can’t change the world, but you can change you response to it.

If you have just landed here, and are in later pregnancy – please read all on this site  – set her up to win . ..

In the efforts to provide a few handy rescues –

here is the move from lateral lie/OP position or out of breech

What most think that they know –

a ‘magic’ point to play with  . . .

Please do not start there

Instead . . .

Ask WHY baby is in an apparently non standard spot

Start with some ‘undoing the stress’ massage below and get the helpful informative and effective tools I have peppered through this page as above – this is something I almost NEVER need to do or suggest as we can be so much less reactive – and thus more useful leading into a birth – by opening mum’s pelvis to love.

Seriously – focus on why ‘the problem’ as mum is not a collection of bits . .

Breech Resolution? Baby in a ‘wrong lie’ and wondering why the spinning babies info was not enough – that going to the chiro/osteo/P.T. seems to not keep stable? That you want to make sure. . . as  VBAC is your choice?

Start with more abundant and wholesome ingredients needed for sanity and easy lactation anyway.

You do not want an induction – you want to get baby in the sweet spot . .

Easy – all in hand – invest in the resource kit – and work it all out yourself .



Here is a demonstration on how to moxa the toe point – mum is not to.

I as a senior (40+ years working on pregnant women – I do not do this – almost NEVER.

If we move the Qi, the baby follows – unless s/he is best off coming where she/he is already.

Mum is not in an extended position (must lean forwards to do this)

Here is the thing – you need to get baby comfy where it is more spacious . . .

Optimally fetal positioning is about easy exit.
Studies done on OP and ease of birthing – or otherwise.

bl67-labelled            Mox Bl 67 3   bl67

This point is usually seen as the magic cure – until you try it.

There is a reason baby is in whatever position is deemed ‘not right’.

Please do not do this moxa trick more than twice. Do not start here either. NEVER do it if mum is not sitting forwards – straddling a chair . . not leaning backwards as bub needs more room.

I rarely need to use Bl 67 in clinic – as if baby is not moving there is a reason – so possibly .. . work slightly backwards – Why is baby in a different position than is considered as being optimal?

Find out – start with improving life for all – improve mum’s nutrition and posture and then see what may be needed – often this ‘breech emergency’ is just a way to get mum to focus on her baby, not her external life. There is a need to bond and to get serious – rather than having a pregnancy on top of her busy schedule/life. Who said being breech is a problem anyway? Possibly baby is safest there and can easily come if all calm down and let her /him sort it out themselves.

(Please also go to www.spinningbabies.com)

Many say it does not matter – except that in my work – I have found that reducing the incidence of ROA and OP significantly eases labour and birthing (thus after birth complications).

Please look to the resources found here as it holds charts of what to do as well as the manual, the videos and the eBooks.

Start with sacral fan moxa  . .

To calm the area locally and also mum – and have magnesium oil on hand to do the same – and use multiple times daily as more magnesium (and way less calcium than is usually taken) is the key here – as in taking in board a lot more daily Vit D. See the eBooks below for more

After the moxa, next comes the massage – and this is quite painful so start slow and shallow and build it up . .

Often all that is needed is more magnesium, or rest, more reassurance and nature will takeover.

If you want to assist – at least to clear the way so the pelvis is working with not against you – start here


















Safest birth is baby centred   .


Resource kit found here