Birth Preparation (And C section avoidance)

Maybe start as preparation as with a marathon . .

Flows and structure go together
Ingredients – can only work as well as mum’s gut can . .
The invasion of cold – especially if the physio has instructed ice – or if mum is burning up and demands it  – has to stop – fix why she wants the cold – and inflammation is always fed by the Inner Heat – the sugar conversion in common foods and the emotional suppression – neither are your friends leading into baby birthing and baby tending . . Her gut has to work perfectly . . . no ice/cold/cool/raw foods . .

The natural health care solutions Pregnancy App has a huge section on birthing preparation, what to do when and the aftercare of mum, baby and successful breastfeeding.

Take it with you for instant practical natural, totally effective and safe help – even into labour ward on your phone. From a presentation that is available from the site here (Birthing MP4 – exactly what works, why and how to – instantly downloadable).


The beginning – prepare the tension that all seem to carry . .
Is not birth or pregnancy specific – everyone – can benefit .. .

You hear me speak of and see me demonstrating when cold is in the body – this is a great problem for all as it slows healing and opening – so please – no cold drinks/ice on your body supposedly therapeutically –  and stay warm always. . .

Filmed in a group – the entire mp4 Birthing – What Dads (and all) Can Do is available here. You will notice that there is back ground noise – it was a group so we see a few others being worked upon as well . .

Below I am instructed a bunch of dads to be – easy births await!!
As close as a birth partner who is lovingly touching . .

To ensure it all goes perfectly . .

Read more here  Never use ice  .  . especially not around a pregnant or just birthed mother – please get your free eBook. (Cold is NOT a Mother’s Friend).

Please – only use the smoky stuff – this is how to do it safely in a wind /outside

Mum is to be taking at least 20,000 iu preferably 50,000 iu of Vitamin D3 daily – and a heap of coloured (especially dark green) leafy veggies plus hordes of fat daily – and drinking a great deal of non chilled water – preferably at least 3 litres daily.

Using topical magnesium at least 10, preferably more times daily will also ensure she is well nourished and ready for baby birthing and feeding.

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Please also look to the ‘health’ section on this site.


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– Enjoy!!

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