Late Pregnancy

Sometimes you want to change what is happening

Any preparation is going to help.

Especially if mum’s birthing partner is fully aware of how supportive touch is. Anything worth waiting for can be enhanced through thoughtful an mindful attention – here it is.  . Just as all marathons need lead-up – an excellent way – regardless of how you intend to bring forth baby – is to prepare your body for its new maternal adventures.

Look also on this site to the birthing area . A wealth of background information – and the site it is accessed from has a massive amount of inspirational links to other sites. And the ingredients needed to run a well body – and pregnancy and lactation – seen here.

ripened motherPlease be aware that the information offered here is for general viewing and you are best seeking professional natural health care advice. In all matters acupuncture, please find someone who is a dedicated acupuncturist – not someone who is trained in another modality, and who has added a short needling course to improve their scope of practice as they see it. This is particularly the case in all pregnancy work – it is a NOT medical but health care area.


What you do at home, nightly, with your partner will assist undo any congestion and stored energy/emotions that may interfere with the birthing – open that pelvis – lovingly! . Emotions are what led the way in all matters women’s health and especially pelvic opening needed for birthing easily. All found in my work feels great and works instantly.

Especially if there is any back or other structural pain.
Here this is the ‘rescue’ instant version. .

Moxa sacral fan and general pelvic massage – ideally do these first.

More not less touching is the key.
As it is often very painful to hit these points, leaning up against her, so she gets a lot of contact.
The points are extra to all the moxa and touch therapy. (Do not go straight into/only be pushing points).

Perhaps get yourself all of the helpful hints .
Instantly downloadable to assist you be comfy and at peace in late pregnancy – excited and ready for babe in arms!



Actual labour and for preparation

 Bl 31 – 34 (Points on the sacrum – in the holes you will find on both sides starting with the top one about 3-4 cm off central line, and gradually getting closer in the lower you go down). Press very deeply

Bl 31   Bl 32

Bl 33   Bl 34

Bl 35 (On the actual sitting part of the bottom. With the person sitting with bottom overlapping a seat, find the point where the angle of curve changes, about one thumb’s width out from bum crease, go in with an angle 45 degrees, very deeply. Hold and ask them can they feel it in their perineum/cervix? If not change your angle a little).


To open cervix/orgasm release/assist general pelvic opening.

There is also Breech Solutions and Fetal Positioning Solutions – as when baby turns – often still not in optimal position for an easy exit.  ‘Easy Birthing Preparation’ – package will appear in a few days – please return here to ensure you get this. The best childbirth education book I have ever seen. (Sit Up and Take Notice – Pauline Scott – out of print).


So much!!

Wear a faja – (see why here) .

Surprising how simple things can make such a difference.
If this is a chronic issue – also use the moxa sacral fan – it will be an impressive difference – as will doing the Stuck Liver Qi massage.


WDCD pack use this one Better still – this ‘glove box’ manual for the dads – so he has a tool box approach to your enlarged and maybe achy form – all works – download today!!  Also found in actual hard copy as a keeper for your own children to use – it is that life changing . ..  in this unique care package.



welcome-baby-kit-contents-without-box-2Perhaps invest (or get others to present you with this great gift) my Welcome Baby pack – a care package you can take away and use all through life and especially throughout this precious time of making your children. Take charge.

Contents are all targeting what comes up at various stages in pregnancy and after birthing (and in maternity generally) and all have found their way over the decades of my being a pregnancy care practitioner to be highly useful – and unique. Including my designing and manufacturing some of them! Make sure of your comfort, health, happiness and safety.

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– Enjoy!!


Let him be your epidural!
Baby will so thank you for it.