IUGR (intrauterine growth retardation)

pregnant with the earthIn being pregnant, nature expects perfection.
Why is there a deviation?
Your blueprint has all growing beautifully . .

What may be blocking this?

Please also look to the placental issues post on this site. Also all the information about ‘ingredients’ as if you had them all ticked off you would not need to be reading this.

All the growing happy. healthy breasts, and then the lactation work can also over time be found there . .

Placenta may need some flow help – hence all the (only smoky, not the smokeless – you will not get anything like the same benefits – is a vibrationary and a herbal treatment) moxa and the massage work found in my ‘What Dads Can Do’ MP3′ and online eBook version of the massively useful handbook also available as Welcome Baby kits and of course from me here.

Why not change what is not comfy/upsetting you?
Not hard – just follow the natural script – return to the blueprint . .

wdcd_plus_birthingThe entire hard copy available here (plus 2 moxa sticks included) or instant download – source your own moxa rolls from an acupuncturist (smoky only – the smokeless as re a waste of time – though highly smoky – they work.

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Please also look to the ‘health’ section on this site.


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– Enjoy!!

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