IUGR (intrauterine growth retardation)

Is there a problem?

As you are pregnant – your body is working differently and YOU can change almost anything – by altering:

HOW you feel

WHAT you are eating

WHO you listen to.

Start here  . . .
Drink much more pure water.

This will help allow more blood to be made – also more blood to flow to your pelvis.

Correct all tension in the pelvic area. The information on this site backed up by the manual produced to allow the free flow of all Qi, lymph, Blood and nerves in and around the pelvis. Maybe download your own copy.

So easy to use – and dad to be can be your major help . . as he will be when baby emerges.

You can study as a ‘glove-box’ manual for the car – what is needed to assist your body to work well again.

1 –  Nutrient information on this site. Ingredients needed to make a well baby and mum also ensure that there are no problems after birth and with breastfeeding and beyond. .

2 – Unlock your pelvic region. Enhance the loosening and the opening that will be needed soon. The Arvigo/Maya work is brilliant – especially when combine with the moxa sacral fan work seen through the work found in the eBook and associated MP4’s – available below. BONUS – get the charts to see what to do to instantly help.

Please also look to the other placental issues post on this site. The placenta may need some help. This is where the moxa comes in – may seem strange – but in the 40 years  have been using this in clinic it has been vastly helpful – and relaxing for all mums-to-be. Please use only the smoky, not the smokeless variety. The touch therapy found in ‘What Dads Can Do’ MP3′ and online eBook version has been designed to maximise flows to the pelvis.

wdcd_plus_birthingThe entire hard copy available here (plus 2 moxa sticks included) or instant download – source your own moxa rolls from an acupuncturist (smoky only – the smokeless are nothing like as useful).

Please also look to the ‘health’ section on this site.

Up to you . . not luck

Also look to the Opening Baby Gate site


‘What Dads Can Do’ resources found here                            Box of moxa rolls                               Happy bub

OR – go to the opening the baby gate site to also purchase the charts – and maybe all the eBooks?

Any queries, please contact me heather@heatherbruce.com.au

When this is corrected – so is almost everything else!


Stop the worry – take charge – get the manual –

Trust your body and birth

Enjoy making life!!


Any queries, please contact me heather@heatherbruce.com.au