Induction . .

Do we make a rose bud unfurl before it is ready?

Pick a fruit when it is still green?

Cup rose

Why is everyone in such a hurry?
Especially as baby is not moving and mum is not ready to birth – her body – hr head might say to.
Why are we going against nature?
fear of what might happen if we leave baby to be ‘cooked’ properly?
Start with positioning – and look at the other work I have on this site and in the eBooks here and the work found on the Heather’s everything package – too detailed for many and a Godsend to those who want to know why and what to do to help themselves have the best birth and life bonded in love possible.

WDCD pack 3Amazing how we forget that nature does birth beautifully!!!|
What can dad or anyone do to help?


Maybe look to more here?

You want to have a happy baby and family – and not get to the point so many do – emergency C section.
Almost all I saw in my career as a high risk specialised acupuncture /wise woman using multi modality means – were either not clear on dates – 1st bub is 10-12 days ‘late’ as compared with the subsequent bubs – or (usual) the baby is head down but lying in the right hand side – not eh left . .(sunny side up).
Look to all the work I have also FREE here

(Charts to download to work your magic yourself . .)