Health Issues

A healthy pregnancy means that baby grows optimally and there are no health problems for mum. This means perfect nutrients (see the easybreasts site) and read all that is needed for every phase of a woman’s life – as her breasts are  report card of her emotional and nutritional state – as were and are her periods).

wisdom treeMum is in  a state where she has all she needs to remake herself whilst she is growing baby and to do this her life is arranged to ensure she can rest and do whatever she feels she needs to to declutter her past self to become a mother from the maiden/ self absorbed state she may have known before.  See more here.

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To ensure the perfect pregnancy and afterwards – look to the site for more.

Start with ‘raw ingredients’ as there you get the recipe for life lived better!

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If there are any deviations from perfect in pregnancy – you can fix them and thus the health for baby and your future are assured. Any health issues are warnings that you need to pay closer attention – not just ‘monitor’ – not ‘cope’ but rise above – ingredients need to be so much better quality and get yourself

What to do when pregnant to have an easy pregnancy and life/birth

and afterwards a happy baby and family … invest in the pregnancy resources

– Enjoy!!

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