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Life – please live it better

2021 – we now are being called to take sovereignty back.

Breathing (better) always helps.

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Stop and find nature – it could be just staring at a cloud through the window – better still – go outside where the air and sun are present – connect with the ground, breathe slowly in and out and express gratitude for being  . .as all things do pass.

Stop FOCUSING on breathing – seriously – less breath. One way is to breathe out as far as you can, and then close your nostrils by pinching them off and take a walk – count how many steps you can do – give yourself the counting task and see if you can ‘win’ against yourself. Over breathing makes anyone anxious – do not reach for anything caffeinated. If you feel paralysed – just slow down breathing so hardly here at all – feel the difference.  This means take a deep breath and see how long you can make it last.

Start with eating fat and protein to go around you  . . .We cannot expect to be at our best if not looking after ourselves – and if there are crises that are so ongoing, that all life is a lurch from one to another. Having low blood sugar does not mean eat sugar, but eat much more fat, and drink more water – the body will appreciate this. Especially if you add in more topical magnesium on your skin – as it will undo a great amount of trauma and anxiety. See more on magnesium here and also here.

Raw ingredients – Blood energy needs improving, Vit B, Vit C, Vit D and great foods full of fat and nutrient dense will all help. Another way to ground yourself – eat a little protein. Self care – belly massage – slow and very gentle . .

Lie down and start very slowly massaging your belly in a clockwise direction, (page to calm your belly/self) starting with your under right rib area – and very gently, slowly, follow inside the line of bones that form the pelvic bowl. After about 9 times take your flat gentle hand up to below the ribs and encircle the above navel area slowly again – this will calm you down. Finish with a repeat one cycle for the pelvic bones. . .


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