Feeling Emotional (including Panic Attacks)

Often the sensations of overwhelm/panic will take on a life of their own.
Having enough of the wellness raw ingredients – exercise, clean water, good food, happy heart and something to wake up for – to look forwards to – will always form a great foundation. And still there may be great inner panic driving the life/ moment.
In addition – if something has been hidden away/undisturbed – it may be time to liberate – (as the inner war in keeping one’s mouth shut may win out over sensibilities).  Look to what I have written here in Stuck Liver Qi – as so very often a panic attack is nothing more than the truth stuck within – it may feel as though you are dying – but really what is happening is that the inner turmoil is winning out over bottling yourself up any further. Getting the breath back – to allow your Shen to assert itself – as a quiet captain of the ship is paramount. Download the very useful soothing guided meditation MP3 files here. Look to what I have added on here.

Sp 3    Sp-3

Press vigorously as it will help bring you back to yourself.

Not having enough fuel to run yourself, and specifically your Blood energy, may result in all sorts of emotional melt downs – see more in the Period App magnesium, Vit B, Vit C, Vit D and great foods full of fat and nutrient dense will all help.