Look to what is fueling your body. Often not a lot – or not what it is designed to have within.

Often what acupuncturists call ‘The Middle Heater’ is not being respected. Avoid all sugar and carbs and eat more veggies and fat. Often.
Hyopglycemia is no place to sit – do eat something – regularly – protein and fat are ideal –  wrapped around veggies.
Is the gut bacteria happy? This is what supports you and your immunity system.
We may ask ourselves – how can the ‘food factory’ prepare the right ingredients out of pretend food – not so nutritious – occasionally added in?

Raw ingredients – Blood energy, magnesium, Vit B, Vit C, Vit D and great foods full of fat and nutrient dense will all help. You will find that the apps are navigation tools throughout the 10 sites I have written and are waiting for your attention!! There is a lot written on this (emotional states – for all) on the period app.

Points to press – touch – any touch . . .

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Use firm finger pressure, or ‘milk’  it – up and down. This will help open your chest – and then breathe in deeper (preferably outside and in the sun)

An emergency?
Everything when depressed may feel as though nothing matters – rescuing self may be as simple a getting out into the sun and walking briskly – no acupressure points needed. If inconsolably crying – maybe a hug, feeling connected to someone will help again – not a therapeutic intervention as such.

Did you know thamassage-breastt most pharmacology is not as good as simple human pleasures?

Too tired, run down?
Back to fuel and maybe the mitochondria are not all they could be – so look here – as this may well be a quick fix – in addition to the Stuck Liver Qi massage here.