In addition to what is taught in “First Aid’ courses often there is a lot more that you could do that would do no harm and may actually resolve the problem .. My understanding the grids of energy that run the physical body mean that there is more that I would do in situations and am sharing these with anyone who wants to know/do more. .

These are not just birthing emergencies (as I set this site up for essentially midwives as a resource) – but for life in general.

Acupuncture works to enhance homeostasis. Pressing useful points will not cause any further issues and may save a life – or at least make all a lot more comfortable. Dust off your belief that someone else is better qualified/the expert. Use all this information here to guide you through.

It is highly unlikely anything you do here will make any situation worse. Your care and intention and use of emergency points may be a life saver. I have found this so in my own life when well away from any needles – hence I share here!!