‘Dry needling’


Called ‘dry needling’ as opposed to injecting fluids, it is a term used by medical professionals who are using acupuncture needles, when not trained to be acupuncturists, but who want to get the results without the education to back them up. The phsyio is not trained to be an acupuncturist. Anyone sticking in needles that are designed for acupuncturists in points in the body is essentially untrained, and eagerly taking over the years of experience and education someone who set up as their scope of practice to be helping you and others with the acupuncture theory. Especially in pregnancy please do not do this. A Youtube clip explaining more found here.

Any health care professionals trained originally in medicine/ research methodologies may not be best placed to dispense acupuncture content or practice. Energy medicine and heartfelt soulful living happen outside the physical and in the emotional realms. This information may look totally mechanical, but is based on decades of working with women in all phases of their lives – and is grounded in sensibility.

Midwives and others using acupuncture needles. The body always has a reason for doing anything. You, and they just may not be aware of it. The body is more than a collection of physical bits – the energy that sets it all up may be in disarray. This may mean unintended, or no results happen.

Recipe book style points to when when – may be found. How does this differ from what I am offering here? Fingers here. In emergencies. When needed to ensure life (and birth) go well – how to rescue back to normal/homeostasis in the moment – then seek an acupuncturist and a Mayan therapist to correct what needs helping to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
Prevention is the key.