Dry Needling

A term coined by those who are medically trained to differentiate between injecting and inserting needles.
and who see results that acupuncturists who are properly trained are getting.
Without understanding any theory or being trained to be safe needlers, they are hitting their customers with as little as 10 hours.
There are finally some moves to halt this indiscriminant ‘cowboy’ practice – regardless of how well trained physio or massage therapist is – needling is not part of their scope of practice  traditionally and needs referring out to someone (an acupuncturist) who does know their way around the energy channels.
A quick look at this here.
This means not trained to use acupuncture needles, or put needles in, or in what else may happen when they do.
Here is an article for you to check out further.
In pregnancy and all through a woman’s life I as a teacher of acupuncturists of all levels, would be suggesting you find someone whose actual scope of original training practice is needling and with the energy model – as anyone can insert a thin needle according to a recipe book protocol. But is it right for you, today??
What seem less well known is that long term benefits – or problems will be effected – and this is very prevalent if all feel an acupuncturist is ‘just’ being a needle technician.
Especially as when something is acute, it should be treated at the other end of the body . .
Hence when you are pregnant – please find a person whose primary interest is in natural health provision.

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