Dry Needling

A term coined by those who are medically trained to differentiate between injecting and inserting needles.

With little understanding of the Qi and its flows, acupuncture theory or of being trained to be safe needlers, many health professionals are now  are seeing their customers with as little as 10 hours training in needle insertions.

Would you see me as a physio or dentist with that little experience?

Regardless of how well trained/’nice’ physio or massage therapist is – needling is not part of their scope of practice traditionally. Referring out to someone (an acupuncturist) who knows their way around the energy channels and how they work best is your most safe option. See how and why a condition has happened – not just reactively popping needles in what hurts.
Most acupuncturists do not do this – but see/’treat’ all of you as a whole entity – not only your bits.
Never more so than in pregnant.

What seem less well known is that long term benefits – or problems will be effected – and this is very prevalent if all feel an acupuncturist is ‘just’ being a needle technician.
Especially as when something is acute, it should be treated at the other end of the body . .
Hence when you are pregnant – please find a person whose primary interest is in natural health provision.WDCD pack use this one

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