Disco ordinate labour or Bandl’s ring

Sometimes the uterus is not working as it should.
theer is an emergency pint undefthe sole of the foot.

This can assist bring the reserved emergency energy stored in the body to be used immediately.

After getting a downwards action, the actual uterus needs to work in a coordinated fashion.

Using topical magnesium is always going to help here – although the entire problem is one of malnutrition – of the uterus and maybe the woman generally.
Structurally – the placenta and all the pelvic organs are nourished by the flow from the sacrum. Using the moxa as a sacral fan, massaging the points in the sacrum and undoing the congestion in the lower body with lymphatic massage will help enormously.

Finding a Mayan massage practitioner would be very helpful leading up to birth – but at any stage.
Too late for this probably – so the liberal use of topical magnesium all over the body will help – all through the body- plus these points may help.

The point GB 41 may help.

GB 41 –  (on the top of the foot – at end of the run up from the 4th and 5th toes – where the tendons join)

GB 41         gb41

If there is a disco ordinate attempt at labour – when the contractions are not showing a steady rhythm and increase in work. Maybe in OP labour – but need to turn baby to face the optimal way – see Fetal Positioning Solutions (Or in extreme cases Bandl’s ring – where the uterus works as two independent parts).
May be needed to get the uterus to actually get on with it – especially if when you press this point it is really sore. Can also go to the outer edge of the tendon – and if that point is sorer, press that one instead – is useful for all vaginal issues – esp discharges.

KI 1 (Under foot – in the depression behind the ball of foot, about 1/3 way down the sole. Press very deeply)

Ki 1 2    k1

Emergency point – to release a reserve tank – not to be needled unless a person is in danger of dying . .can massage/press very deeply to get the person started (if a baby) or if they are deeply unconscious.