What can you do?

The art and necessity of being a mammalian mum is why I have put this site up – please be aware that safe is as natural as – and you can make it happen – and revert to there  with appropriate woman and baby centred support.
This is NOT medical but life affirming.
Prevention is the key – great support is imperative.

By ensuring mum is in abundance of great nutrition and plenty of loving support and having had an easy pregnancy – no harmful worrying thoughts planted – as you both have your own copy of the two books mentioned here – and can return your life to on track through taking the practical and natural health care guidance offered in the pages within.

Prevention. .

How does depression even happen?

(Explanation of Heather’s model of understanding being human).

This was filmed for the breastfeeding pages.
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Please stay here as it is all relevant .. Warning . .
There may be concepts found within that may shake you to the core – as here I am talking truth – a mother’s story – and also – what is being now foisted upon all of us. .
This entire process of alarming mum and having less than perfect outcomes is being orchestrated in the real care that you are missing and the ‘care’ that you are getting.

Here is a walk-through of what is now happening – (this bullying of new parents was unheard of decades ago) when I started working with pregnancy and easy living.
DO we really need to take pills?

Magnesium – topically/transdermally (on skin) I use up to 20 x daily as it makes the much difference – also as baths . . or foot soaks

Look the nutrients for easy breasts here

Undo why the needed ingredients (for life) are not being seen in the body . .
Food – may not be enough – always need more support.

Maybe take a look at the information easily accessed through the natural health problem solving Pregnancy App I have developed.

Some of the source sites are here: Mum’s gut needs to be in a perfect state -to have baby’s gut work well. . and the right mix of good bacteria be there to colonise baby’s gut – it is not just a matter of getting food in – have to be able to process it. (Antibiotics wreck this – and are give in all surgical interventions and quite often – ‘just because’.

The Human Microbiome

Vitamin B 12 especially – although all the B’s need to be given – better still start fermenting foods to allow the good bacteria to be there – and eat a huge selection of varied veggies and a whole food organic diet.

Magnesium is vital – I use topically as well as any supplementation – and tablets are not the best form – often orally just gives loose bowels and upset bellies. .

Zinc . . a massively important micronutrient – and lost when we are exposed to heavy metals – we cannot see it in the tissues – same as the magnesium and the selenium to utilise the iodine – where does all this come in from?

Warning –  there is a reason these things are happening.
The inability of orthodoxy to see what they are doing to the bonding and the sanity of mothers is appalling to me – a natural health care professional who has been watching the devolution of real care over the decades – as a consumer and as a provider of services myself).

Acupuncture theory explains how these energy instructions get set up . .

Iatrogenesis – the vaccination debacle . .
Maybe research more here . . is anything more than loving breasts needed for baby? We ARE mammals . . .

Mechanisms of destruction – please – stop the maternal carnage – and the baby distress and degeneration – as the inability to use minerals means the side effects’ that a word of and the parental stories – as these happen with increasing frequency – and this is why we are having this conversation – need stopping.

How to pull out what is NOT supposed to even be in the biosphere – let alone injected into our bodies – and left our tissues as it has leached into us from mum – and then we speak here of – breast milk – needs to be cleaner.

 Iodine . . without which we d get depressed/body/fat/ pain from all sorts of random problems and the circulation/digestion/hormonal and life all dwindle. .


Please find yourself a local to you holistic natural health care professional.

This may also be illuminating for you – The ‘instructions’ that run the physical.

Please get the “What Dads Can Do” manual instantly downloadable.  .