Cholelithiasis (Gallstones)

Often seen as itching – and no amount of scratching will relieve it.

Usually at night.

If asked you are also likely to hear about/have the hot feet/hands/legs and also that they/you are icing them – or at least have many fans going to try to cool them down. What happened to common sense? More hydration? Fixes almost all things – as does avoiding ingesting all that is not simple and nutritious.

Biliary sludge can build up and with the extra load on the body in pregnancy can then show its hand as itching and possible yellowing of the skin, discomfort in the upper right abdominal region, loss of appetite and not wanting to eat fatty foods. Maybe even nausea.

This is not a small problem – yet is very easily undone.
You just need to get out of medical monitoring head space and into – asking yourself – “how does a well body work?”
The information on the site and the apps and the manual are there to add more if you wish – otherwise – just look to what is below in ‘rescues’.

Who is at risk of having (cholelithiasis) gallstones seen from a medical perspective?

Medically seen – risk factors for developing gallstones include:

  • Being overweight or obese
  • Being female
  • Being over 40
  • A woman who’s had more than one pregnancy
  • Having cirrhosis of the liver
  • Having Crohn’s disease or IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome) See Stuck Liver Qi
  • A family history of gallstones
  • Having weight loss surgery or recently having lost weight
  • Being treated with the antibiotic ceftriaxone
  • Being on the Pill (see Stuck Liver Qi and how it affects the body here)
  • Women taking high-dose estrogen therapy
  • Having type 2 diabetes is suspected of being a risk factor
  • A lack of exercise is also thought to increase the risk of gallstones – Stuck Liver Qi again.

From my acupuncture experience – I see many who fit a more useful category – Stuck Liver Qi and Damp and Yin Deficiency.
Once you read all on that site and return, you can see why my number 1 issue is

‘Do you stick your feet out of the bedclothes at night?’

If yes – and you will be surprised how many are so – then there is a race on to rescue mum and baby from a life time of not wonderful health – (not necessarily death at the medical interface) but difficulties – this is about preventative medicine.

RESCUES – this comes directly from my life in clinic for nearly 40 years of thinking to problem solving one woman at a time.

The fingertips are not needed – plain old country living/common sense are.

Rest, loving touch, outdoors exercise, sunshine and loving are assumed here

1) – Drink a cup of warm water with half a lemon squeezed into it diligently every morning.

2) – Radically increase the quality (not tap water, unless there is absolutely nothing added to it and it is pure) non chilled water. At least 3 litres daily.

(Take out all caffeinated drinks, esp de caff’ed, and all tea that is not herbal)

3) – Add in to your diet 9 cups of coloured veggies – take out all grains and cereals and put in what is nourishing and fibrous.

Add in a lot of dietary animal fat and avocados – as much as you can handle – as the body of baby and yourself need fat to make hormones, neurological tissue and for life in general. (Please see more here ‘raw ingredients’ on the pregnancy app here.

4) – Use topical magnesium in whatever form you can get it – the gel may work best on the liver itself – or at least on the buttocks – at least 6 preferably 10 times daily. Take extra magnesium as the lack of this (and fat and Vit D to process minerals) sets up almost all ‘high risk’ pregnancy (and life) events.

5) –  Get in a lot of noon day sun to boost your Vit D levels (to have problems they will be low – and often dangerously so – they need to be at the top or above of the RDA as this is only a guide – how can you have to much of what is a raw ingredient for life – for all things above the ground? D3 not D2 – which is where most medical ‘researching’ went. (Also need K2 with it – dark green leafies . .). Vit D levels should be at least 100n/m/l – take Vit D as I suggest on the works here. This alone will sort out almost all ‘high risk’ issues – including the need to have a C section. minerals and fat and sun . . . and iodine.

6) – Vit C – to support the liver – at least 10 lots of extra as a powdered drink (pref not as there is always sugar in these) or tablets – 500mg is fine – an d much more may be needed – be guided by other health issues you may have – if you do not need it – your body will evacuate it fast. Otherwise – it is essential for life and wellness.

7) – Castor oil packs – on top of the liver area – under your ribs – right across but especially on the right hand side.

(Castor oil is a great anti oxidant and drawing agent – will help with all sorts of other problems – see perineal tears)


None of what is suggested here is in any way dangerous

All can be used for any issue esp in pregnancy

Is effective – everything here works.

Restore homeostasis – that is – your body knows how to work – please give it half a chance – relax, and let it.