What can you do? The art and necessity of being a mammalian mum is why I have put this site up – please be aware that safe is as natural as – and you can make it happen – and revert to there  with appropriate woman and baby centred support. This is NOT medical but …

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Moxa use

Moxa – A huge help for everyone – especially if back pain is felt Why? It undoes why you have pain at all . . Possibly time to investigate home self help in more depth? Why in pregnancy?

Induction . .

Do we make a rose bud unfurl before it is ready? Pick a fruit when it is still green? Why is everyone in such a hurry? Especially as baby is not moving and mum is not ready to birth – her body – hr head might say to. Why are we going against nature? fear …

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When feeling faint, grind fingernail into the rescue consciousness point GV 26 Point is one third down from where the nose joins the face to the upper lip – in the groove. This will rescue someone having lost consciousness – just grind in with your nail. Hard. This means stop them from dying or to …

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