Milk supply issues

Sometimes there are start up problems – too much/not enough or mastitis.

These issues are dealt with in depth throughout on other sites = being the most obvious.


Also here

I suggest also investing in at least the Pregnancy app as it covers post natal and baby issues in depth – linking back to the navigation of the nine sites I so far have up.


Milk supply balance

Too much

Do not empty breasts – it will settle down. Take only enough out of breasts to relieve the immediate discomfort, Do not ice – as this will create mastitis – and if there is no need for the milk at all (baby died) using castor oil packs on the back will assist in the drying up.

Not enough

This needs much more than just using moxa on some points.

Please investigate as above – the pregnancy app and the sites below for more information.

Ultimately, women make breast milk from blood and the Blood quality is dependent on how she is feeling and what support on all levels she is receiving – not just is baby latching and is she sleeping well, drinking sufficient water and eating great protein/fat and vegetables.

The general digestion system can be strengthened using moxa on St 36

st36Lighting moxa  2  St 36 finding 3

Five peaks of heat – hold the lit stick about one cm away from the skin.

The point Si 1 can be moxaed using a moxa stick.

Si 1 moxa     si1 moxa

More instructions are found in the DVD’s on ‘Birthing – What Dads Can Do’ and in the manual ‘Want Dads Can Do’ – a birthing manual for partners of pregnant women.

Entire kit!/~/product/category=2471900&id=27991686

(For ease of instant help – we have this site).

Much more help is available by investing in the various other resources available here.

Moxa used also on the point between the nipples on the sternum (Breast bone) is indicated first – use at least 5 peaks of heat and


then go onto the Si 1 point.

Si 1 moxa     si1 moxa


If only one breast is not producing enough – use the CV 17 point on the sternum then the (Si 1) fingernail one on the affected side.


This feels wonderful!!
The Blood energy needs boosting – chicken soup – eating the placenta or using placenta pills – and liver and bone broths – and if vegetarian – please see about extra protein, and sea vegetables along with a lot more Vit B – nutritional yeast maybe? As a vegetarian I consumed a lot of yoghurt (natural) with this in it – but it is cold, and thus broth as with seaweed additives would be a lot better – depends on the climate to an extent – I was in tropical Australia – and the broths would have been better even so – as the gut issues resulting in too much dairy and cold are another possible problem in mastitis.