Maternal Moods

Maternal well-being is based on many things

Practical and cultural support is crucial and seems to be missing in modern times. In times past confinement (in most cultures at least 40 days) whilst others take over her roles in the family till she and baby are in a bonded state, recovered from the transition into an easy routine, and she is healed on all levels.

Nutrients needed.
Please see all that is on the easybreasts site as women need the ingredients whether or not they are breastfeeding – the body is a constant user of nutrients and when these are missing – nothing works as designed.

If this is not given time to happen, if she is expected to pick up her life as soon as she returns home from hospital, there is no space for the settling in into her new life.

When things are not going our way – we get ‘stressed’. In acupuncture we call this Stuck Liver Qi Loving touch will always help. This is a potentially painful, though incredibly relieving massage technique.

There is a lot you can do to help yourself – preferably prior to getting pregnant, being a mum and finding yourself in an upset state. There is still plenty of nutrition – never take folic acid by itself, do not use nitrous oxide, and find yourself a good natural therapist to take you through the life transitional stages. you can do – but prevention is so much better. This means – there is some much that you can look to. Always more support and more nutrition – and water . .and rest.

Sad/depressed/exhausted Is the support on all levels that is needed there for you?

maternal recipe for optimal pregnancy & birth

Enough nutrition, support at home and nesting well all will make great leaps. Having sufficient to be ‘leftover’ to make breast milk with crucial – along with rest and having the space to relax into being a new mum.


Raw ingredients – Blood energy, magnesium,Vit B, Vit C, Vit D and great foods full of fat and nutrient dense will all help

Start with this site full of inspirational information I have collected.

Rescue points

if you are feeling depressed, not angry – just sad and empty – starting with the moxa stick (as with insufficiency of supply – so if this is also an issue – two birds, one stone).  Open up the chest. Slowly, very gently and gradually get deeper. Take large breaths and let it all go. perhaps by the relaxation MP3 – here as having a guided mediation on tensing and relaxing all may be useful if/when you are not able to sleep when you feel you should, it may well put you to sleep.


Ki 27  Press and breathe deeply.

pc6     Pc 6 2

2 fingers up from the wrist crease – about where the watch goes – in between the tendons – on both arms.
Press and breathe deeper – also pump up and down, it if you feel to.

When overly stretched, the lack of calm and peaceful (Yin depleted and a loss of Blood energy) means that inner heat builds up – look here to see how this looks /feels – and then the fire can escape upwards – and firey tempers can be to a point relieved by drinking more water, and getting more rest – how ever you can.

Angry/very loud feeling as though rage is driving you.

Stop all sugar, chocolate and alcohol/caffeine – this is driving it.
Vastly more (non chilled/not tap) water and seek external help

In the meantime – taking a B complex 4-6 times over a 24 hours period can only help – along with minerals and magnesium on the body many times daily -possibly also a magnesium bath daily.

May need to focus on pulling the energy down from the head ..

Ki 1 2    k1


OR . . . find a sensible holistic women’s natural health care provider – hopefully using Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

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