First Stage

Whilst this may take a while to establish  – it is exciting!
How to make this birthing business simple?
Be prepared. (see Birthing area on this site)
Allow yourself to eat drink and be active – or if it is time for bed – relax with some gentle music and take a lot more magnesium – especially on the body, topically , to allow the ease of sleeping peacefully. The body will let you know when your attention is needed. The more rest and ingredients you can ‘bank’ within, the easier the transition into being a mum with babe in arrns will be.

What to do to help?
(As this is ‘fingertip rescues’).

Start with a lot of Vit D on board (have blood levels at least at 100n/m/l) – as this will decrease all likelihood of any interventions – mainly as the maternal magnesium l(not calcium) loading allows calm, peaceful, non painful and easy birthing.

Look to all that is within the birthing page

Hopefully you both have been practicing the pelvic opening massaging and so she is totally used to being touched to open.

Here we may not need to do much more than be present as her body may just need her attention whilst she calmly copes with the surges/rushes/contractions.
How to help?
Gently initially – and with more pressure, once as things progress – use the points below.