Want a great birth?

That way you will love being in love.
With your new role (parents) – and baby (forever-after-love)

An natural undisturbed birth allows baby to experience all that Nature sets ready for him/her.

They then start life intact? (Not screaming and not able to sleep?)

Baby will follow what they are meant to – eat sleep and grow.

Not so upset that you can’t put him her down.

Here we have your guide.
Easy babies are easy to have – don;t break them!
(Or you in the pregnancy by not following nature . .)

Samples from the MP3 (if you download) or actual DVD if you buy the hard copy . .

of What Dads Can Do – see below . .


Actual labour and for preparation – ‘Easy Birth Preparation’

May need help . .  fingers at the ready . .

The manual “What Dads Can Do” (available instantly as an eBook here) is very detailed and leads all through this with a DVD (MP4 instantly downloadable) on birth preparation.

These points are very useful in labour – when mum is sitting /leaning forwards and deep persistent pressure is exerted. This means no wobbling of your fingers!!  Also that she is firmly held and there is a lot of cuddling/leaning with her so this is not the only sensation she is feeling (plus the contractions. This merging of your bodies also helps a great deal.

As baby descends, go deeper in the sacrum – the bottom ones are amazing when the baby is nearly ready to appear! Please remember that we all are different – and some do not want to be touched at all – and some need only deep pressure on the entire sacrum, others just massive pressure on one or other point listed here.

Where to press . . . Set yourselves up to win!!!!

Yes  this is a man’s body  – we are all the same . .

And is amazing for anyone’s back pain . .and pelvic issues

 Bl 31 – 34 (Points on the sacrum – in the holes you will find on both sides starting with the top one about 3-4 cm off central line, and gradually getting closer in the lower you go down). Press very deeply

Bl 31   Bl 32

Bl 33   Bl 34

Bl 35 (On the actual sitting part of the bottom. With the person sitting with bottom overlapping a seat, find the point where the angle of curve changes, about one thumb’s width out from bum crease, go in with an angle 45 degrees, very deeply. Hold and ask them can they feel it in their perineum/cervix? If not change your angle a little).

Bl 35

To open cervix/orgasm release/

assist general pelvic opening

Then there is the pubic symphysis and pelvic girdle pain

use the point GB 30

To use at the end of the birth preparation work – moxa sacrum and then all the rest of the massage and point pressure.

Sp 6 (Mum’s hand’s width – up from the inner ankle – at about her thumb’s width from the edge of the leg bone) Will probably be sore to press.


Sp 6 finding     Sp6

A good all rounder for any female hassles – specifically in labour if you wonder where the contractions have gone – or when they need to strengthen.

GB 41  (on the top of the foot – at end of the run up from the 4th and 5th toes – where the tendons join)

GB 41         gb41

If there is a dis-co ordinate attempt at labour – when the contractions are not showing a steady rhythm and increase in work. Maybe in OP labour – but need to turn baby to face the optimal way – see Fetal Positioning Solutions (Or in extreme cases Bandl’s ring – where the uterus works as two independent parts).
May be needed to get the uterus to actually get on with it – especially if when you press this point it is really sore. Can also go to the outer edge of the tendon – and if that point is sorer, press that one instead – is useful for all vaginal issues – esp discharges.

When a downwards action is needed

St 36 (On outside of lower leg a hand’s width from the bottom of the kneecap. Go outwards from the edge of the bone – about one thumbs’ width, lateral). The acupuncture point if you only had one to choose for all human complaints.  Hence it is not just good for digestion, or good for energy – here we are using it as it has a downwards action – and in al cases of this – including nausea when the energy is going up not down – is helpful to massage and in a downwards action.  My rescue point in losing my own BP before the C section.


St 36 finding 3      st36

Ki 1 would also have worked.

(See below)

Why? It helps bring anyone back – an emergency point to rouse them – hence also if baby is slow to start breathing – pressing into here will encourage the soul to return.

 GB 21 (Top of shoulder. Between the spine and the tip of the shoulder bone). Press downwards deeply.

GB 21         gb21

Downwards action – to get labour started, to get the baby to move down, to allow the tension in shoulders to ease (after the massage we covered – not instead of or before – timing is all – and also to let milk flow – remember here – downwards action.

KI 1 (Under foot – in the depression behind the ball of foot, about 1/3 way down the sole. Press very deeply)

Ki 1 2    k1

Emergency point – to release a reserve tank – not to be needled unless a person is in danger of dying . .can massage/press very deeply to get the person started (if a baby) or if they are deeply unconscious.


Best ask – why is there pain? Perhaps get prepared first?

One woman discovered that her husband was told often in labour, that if all men did this (all the support work found in the eBook/actual What Dads Can Do manual and DVD set are invaluable (eversions here) – the midwives would be out of a job – that was my intention in writing this work – to get dad to be the bonded helper – as he is far better than any epidural. And on hand – as we have here – and ready and able to lend his fingers to the cause.

In labour – I believe that there is no need for pain if well supported.

Using heaps of magnesium before birthing – on the skin – will make a huge difference to the labour and post birth outcomes. Of course nothing works in isolation and to absorb the magnesium – VIt D is needed – a lot. Please get out in the sun where possible.

Usually for head/face, but I have used it for magic effect when transporting a woman in car in labour – or when the staff are doing upsetting things – she can attack this point herself for relief.

Co 4(On outside of the back of hand, between the thumb and first finger, put them together and the top of the mound formed is where the point is)

Co 4      co4

Usual point given for anything in the head, pain relief and general all rounder for congestion – press very firmly.

All the sacral points and the others above may also release – but please remember that pain is subjective and fear is the driver – and lack of support on all levels.

Maybe want the placenta out easily?
Instead of, or as well as the injection – instead of pulling on the cord, why not just press firmly into a point that I have used any times to loosen and safely without over bleeding – allowed the placenta to separate easily?

I have used this at the end of the birth – baby comes with great results – now the placenta.

If there is over bleeding/gushing – while everyone is doing what they do – hit the point Sp 1 hard – grind in with your finger nail . .it HAS stopped post partum haemorrhage before – resulting in NOT a hysterectomy – but in a few years – another baby – so be warned – you often have the help you need – at hand . .

To learn more – get the instantly downloadable package – all photographic essays full of diagrams – for a more profound and thorough experience. Especially if you are a birth advocate /worker for mums to start off with easy birthing.

Up to you . . not luck

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Happy babies parents and families

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