For mum – A time of transition from maiden to mother

For baby – a pivotal experience where independent life begins.
For dad – the beginning of an adventure of heart opening and life changing proportions.

How to get all to dance the dance in synch?

Maybe start with the healing power of touch.

This is the beginning .. . .

Gently, effectively and safely using all that is found in the eBook version of a 2005 published manual What Dads Can Do – for all birth workers, doulas, midwives. partners of pregnant women and all who wonder what sets up all that happens in pregnancy.
Set from a practical energy perspective. What to do to enhance normal, naturally. instantly downloadable here 


The eBooks (in option 2) that explain very easily how to change what is happening to you at home safely, and effectively. Written as a counterpoint to the ‘glove box’ manual style of What Dad Can Do, (instantly downloaded here) this with heaps of photographs showing how to/what will make profound differences – full of stories of people as yourselves and how they shifted ‘tricky’ back to ‘easy’ – are found within. ‘Easy Birth Preparation’, ‘Fetal Positioning Solutions’, ‘Breech Solutions’ and ‘Moxa’ – all found in the Resources 2 package. Plus charts – example . ..

Easy birthing . . . .


You will never be wondering again – as all is revealed – how to turn an apparently tricky situation or a ‘high risk’ pregnancy back to naturally easy. Especially how to avoid all the interventions once monitoring has shown a possible/potential problem – why not just return to a healthy and simple pregnancy – it is up to you and your own fingers!!!


Why is this information so different?

I offer practical problem solving tools that guide the user to easy natural answers.

What to do to make an easy birth assuredly happen (have an easy pregnancy) and how to achieve this .. .

Follow Nature!!

Online Resources

Easy pregnancy and birth and parenting.

Is up to you . . not luck


As Gayle Peterson says in her timeless birthing classic – ‘as a woman lives. so shall she birth’.

Is all up to YOU!

Also look to the Opening Baby Gate site


‘What Dads Can Do’ resources found here                            Box of moxa rolls                               Happy bub

OR – go to the opening the baby gate site to also purchase the chartsand maybe all the eBooks?

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