Asthma/cough/difficult breathing rescue

Difficult breathing

Something is blocking the normal in and out movement of the diaphragm – here are several ways – not all will help everyone – so I have put them in order that will always work. Give all a try and concentrate on less, not more breathing.

Stuck Liver Qi massage

Look to this footage – and the reasons behind this – Stuck Liver Qi

As a relaxing thing to do whilst seated – and it will assist undo the residual tension – all though the body.

Need to free up chest

Pc 6 (Above the inside wrist crease, 2 finger widths up, and in between the tendons).

Pc 6 2      pc6

Also seen as anti nausea point – although as opens the chest and calms anxiety/emotional distress.

Can’t take a breath out/ feeling suffocated

Ding Chuan – (on the upper back, just outside from the spine, where the large bone drops and rises when you raise and lower your head. Found a  generous thumb’s width from the central line in an adult – the person’s thumb width when a child). Press both simultaneously deeply whilst they breathe in slowly.

Ding Chuan

Translates as ‘Difficult breathing/cough’ can press – easier to do it for some one else – and will induce the feeling that you can breathe in deeper.

Can’t breathe in so easily

Ki 27 – (On the front of upper chest, top of breastbone, your fingers will fall into a hole on both sides where the collar bone joins).

Ki 27

They can press/massage firmly – if they cannot breathe in so well.

Also free up all the chest