Why – ‘Fingertip Rescues’?

You have hands.

You may need to know what else you can do with them.



Whist this site is mostly about getting ready to birth – and afterwards.  .

There are other pages dealing with non pregnancy. .
Touch heals . .


In many circumstances there is a first aid response that if you knew what to do – you would get a very different outcome. The information held in this site is for general information only, and please use your common sense and whatever else is at your disposal. I am not explaining how to avoid taking appropriate medical action but to assist whilst this may be happening – or waiting for this assistance to work. In some of the instances here I have given a case to show what I have been able to do, knowing what spot to press to achieve a better result.

In some cases, it is a matter of using moxa – and this is sourced from an acupuncturist or an Asian shop selling herbs.

Helpful thoughts

1)   Acupuncture points are in depressions,

2)    When using fingers and pressure you only need to know roughly where you are going, as you are not putting a needle in – the finger pad covers some distance.

3)    It is the intention as much as ‘right’ location and

4)    We all are somewhat different in shape/size so you are finding points relative to that person’s hand.

5)    Have to know what is going on to antidote it – so track back . . asking ‘why?’ of yourself all the time . .

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Assuring you make the easiest ride to a naturally better baby possible


You may even have wondered . . but what about the baby?

Maybe the body is warning you.

It all means something).

An empowered pregnancy is as simple as your knowing what is happening and why, and what to do.

Consciously not hopefully – being an aware mum to be.

To undo those apparently ‘normal’ aches, pains and troubles that supposedly will all go once baby is here.

Let’s make the best pregnancy the easiest ride for all of you.

Here are the answers

(that may have eluded you to date)


How to use this easy step by step manual?

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The entire hard copy available here (plus 2 moxa sticks included) or instant download – Source your own moxa rolls from an acupuncturist (smoky only) – the smokeless are a waste of time – though highly smoky – they work.


Easy pregnancy and birth and parenting.

Is up to you . . not luck

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